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Stefano Buora

1500.19 (482,823rd)
837 (179,371st)
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Title Δ
Compilation error C2048 while compiling in visual studio 2019 MSVC,... 0.00
C++ Operator Overload. Why can't I prototype it properly 0.00
Why is this code not displaying my photo on the page? 0.00
undefined reference to "function name" in "other fun... +5.87
Eigen Dense Storage Segmentation Fault in Open3D function 0.00
Printing in binary format (user defined function) 0.00
Create instance of singleton class in C++ +4.41
How to rotate a model around a global axis in openGL? -0.24
How can I print only consonants? -0.33
Initializing Deck of Cards C++ -3.92
what is the difference between memcpy and assignment statement for... 0.00
Checking the neighbour values of arrays -1.59
Checking the neighbour values of arrays -1.59
list::sort changes the values c++ +0.90
C++ Weird behavior with String comparison +1.31
Can't resolve issue with initializing a 2D array dynamically +4.11
How do I remove 0 from end of stack 0.00
Should I use unique_ptr for a string? -2.49
Why is this code for single linked list not working? 0.00
preprending and appending to a cstring -1.99
Use case of dynamic_cast +0.68
Why is my If statement being ignored in C++? +4.64
C++ Check if array created with 'new' -1.43
Implementation of a Doubly Linked List 0.00
Pointer change its address after exiting a recursive function 0.00
Outputs a char array with one less character everytime it loops +2.06
Weird while loop with an assignment operation C++ 0.00
Why can't I instantiate a reference to a base class at the same... 0.00
What are the reasons upcasting and downcasting are used in C++? -3.81
writing template for operator<< for any vector -0.18
Enforcing member call by only authorized classes (C++) 0.00
Error in large iterations of n-dimensional 4th-Order Runge-Kutta so... 0.00
Why is "glRenderbufferStorageMultisample" giving error fo... 0.00
How to read unicode utf-8 file data in c++ +0.31
Stumped on how to return reversed cstring -2.02
Why do one of these two variables print in opposite order into the... +0.10
Inplace versions of set_difference, set_intersection and set_union -3.41
Unexpected Thrust error in simple program 0.00
All TortoiseSVN actions from the context menu are very slow -1.21
fail to compile google::sparse_hash_map with value as unique_ptr 0.00
c++ constructor malfunctioning +0.27
Detect Heap Corruption only no developement computer 0.00
Why does the first function call bind to the first function? -3.60
using pointer for multidemsional array +0.02
How to initiaze a typedef struct pointer +5.12
insert an template object in vector with inheritance c++ 0.00
How to determine if an integer will fit a variable? +3.97
How to achieve compile time polymorphism of several functions? +4.07
How to do perform a dynamic_cast with a unique_ptr? -3.13
Is C++11 mutex only uses static intialization? -3.01