An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1445.33 (4,533,702nd)
21 (1,599,890th)
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Title Δ
How to capture multiple regex groups separated by logical AND insid... -1.79
Seperate the base file name from the extension +4.99
What is the purpose of passing undef to DBI's `do` method in th... 0.00
Preserving blank columns & adding delimiters when reading fixed... -2.07
How to use Getopt::Long to store options in complex hash -2.63
Compare two hashes by value to get keys/values where the 2nd is gre... -2.48
User agent string with HTML::TreeBuilder 0.00
Change Pascal case in a string to snake case -2.88
How do you use array refs in Perl threads? 0.00
Perl can't use last with the while statement modifier -1.70
Nginx (Perl) regular expression to reroute from a URL to another -1.72
Can variable declarations be placed in a common script -2.77
How do I split a file into multiple file based on a RegEx pattern? 0.00
How do I do a Perl regex that matches everything after a backslash... -3.08
Is it possible to rename PascalCase1.wav to kebab-case-1.wav with a... +5.33
Why do `join` and/or `JSON::to_json` convert my data silently from... -1.75
Unable to make a regex work in new Mac Big Sur terminal 0.00
Network simulator2(ns2) using cygwin giving the error: "cannot... 0.00
Regular expression for Japanese, English hashtag like Twitter -2.81
Perl inconsistently prints strings that contain specific combinatio... -1.79
Extracting certain rows from a text file, skipping others 0.00
Why is the default scoping behavior in Perl the way that it is? -2.29
How to stop at the next specific character in regex -0.44
Can't get rid of unwanted stuff while scraping email addresses +2.47
How to pipe to and read from the same tempfile handle without race... -2.86
Getting Variable "@xml_files" will not stay shared at ...... -2.67
Getopt::Long - How to get script arguments that are not options +2.17
perl pie escape the delimeter -0.63
Regex matching over multiple lines 0.00
I want to print 1 to11,2 to 22 etc with N parallel processes 0.00
Perl string comparison in text file -1.42
Multiline replace in perl with extended expressions not working -3.68
Split string into a hash of hashes (perl) -2.88
Perl get lowest number from array +0.20
Converting timestamps in Perl 0.00
How should I deal with Activestate removing PPM from their Perl? -3.61
Regular expression to match exactly and only n times -0.15
Why does a reference to an array change to a hash reference when pa... 0.00
How do you scroll up/down using your mouse/keyboard in Git Bash? 0.00
Unable to close file handle in Perl -2.85
Can't locate MyModule/ in @INC -1.64
How to catch ctrl+c and close file descriptor in Perl -1.41
trying to combine multiple lines between two two patterns in the sa... +1.00
my output array to merge into just one array -3.86
perl shebang: `Too late for "-Mstrict" ` +1.27
How can I assign STDOUT to a var and print to that while using '... -2.04
command not found when using makefile to run batch file on Windows 10 0.00
Perl Bypass 5 Seconds Waiting Page 0.00
How does mro, goto, and set_subname interact? -3.95
How does mro, goto, and set_subname interact? +0.72