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1501.20 (406,567th)
24,447 (5,260th)
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Title Δ
why isn't Sendto() sending packet in c? -0.03
Why won't my C, Circular Deque program exit the print function? 0.00
Memory allocation to a struct with a pointer +0.40
C - turn 3.00 into 3 -0.14
why does the string full of NULL after i got the name? +0.93
C - Returning array as function argument -1.62
Confusing documentation for UEFI's BootServices->GetMemoryMa... 0.00
history in implementation of shell get segmentation fault +2.25
Why does a read operation on a memory mapped zero byte file lead to... -1.98
Error: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value - C... -1.59
QT C++ compare received datagram to string +0.47
C++ beginner. user inputs single digit number, print the sum of 1 t... -0.25
Smart computer tic-tac-toe move selection in C -0.52
difference between address of pointer to char and pointer to pointe... -0.87
C shellcode execution issue +2.47
how to take the matrix as input in the c or java code which is prov... -0.01
A kernel module to transparently detour packets coming from a NIC a... 0.00
Synchronization objects in C and its association with structs of da... -0.50
usage of do while loop for yes no prompt in c -0.50
Why am I getting a segmentation fault on a limit less than 169? -1.38
struct look up table using string pointers issue +2.36
Why instead of adding #include<linux/sched.h> in my code , th... +0.13
Segmentation fault when run C program -0.50
Value of a short variable in C +0.23
Markov chain. Implementation add method +0.50
Why is this instance of strstr giving me segmentation faults? -1.56
Setting socket outgoing port number in Linux kernel 0.00
How is one structure mapped to another by something like "retu... -0.32
cannot delete from a singly linked list -0.26
SIGSEGV while converting 1 bit image data into 8 bit 0.00
How to call a function from another file into main function in c? -0.99
How can I have an array of structure inside a structure? +0.02
Why rename() and remove() functions don't work? -0.03
Dereferencing pointer to incomplete type on ARM but not x86 0.00
C Makefile not working -0.97
Why can't I declare and define a char-pointer variable to point... -1.09
C, allocating memory for strings inside array of structs -1.01
Getting local IP direction C 0.00
QObject::connect: No such slot QWidget::makeyourbox() in occQt.cpp:... -0.01
Using c++ and trying to "nest" some code -0.12
STL container holding class within declaration of that class +2.41
How do i write to a specific line of a text file? +0.78
C++ standard vector resize() function -0.30
getline reading a file with a single entry after deleting a second... 0.00
Why does memcmp() return 256 for a difference of 1? -2.00
Binary trees and struct -1.53
Why 'CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER' is selected in kernel configurat... 0.00
Dividing work up between threads? (pthread) +0.51
Valgrind: Conditional jump or move depends ... 0.00
How to shutdown server socket after 60s in C -0.50