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Arun P Johny

1657.55 (447th)
350,276 (88th)
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Title Δ
Transition of removeclass() in html tables +0.27
How to addEventListener and function with element as a parameter to... +0.30
Why is my <span> being removed when i try to create a node in... 0.00
Java - Removing an element from LinkedList except first -0.54
Use Bootstrap using appendChild -0.71
jQuery cannot find children indexes +1.22
Why is my button duplicating when I append it? 0.00
How can I define select one element in jQuery? -1.17
Adding to table row in jquery 0.00
Event Handling with Nested functions in Javascript 0.00
search is not working in jquery autocomplete 0.00
set countdown to only show between monday and wednesday 0.00
Remove parent element on click with plain javascript 0.00
jQuery onclick multiple elements with the same class +0.59
Iterate through select options with button click -0.21
Javascript CustomEvent Detail is Null upon Firing? 0.00
Hover effect not working properly on each element after first time... -2.98
Remove table if it has a row with "NA" values +1.83
Add jQuery Confirm before Logout +0.28
Loop inside loop producing wrong result 0.00
call function2() inside function1() but it is getting fired before... 0.00
Having my arrays as one object and printing in a list 0.00
jsRender not rendering values 0.00
Hide and unhide a search div using jquery +0.29
Javascript toggle for category on mashape url 0.00
Join each dynamically created checkbox array to its own comma separ... 0.00
Label -> Checkbox Text +0.70
ignore string in jquery replace regex with word boundries 0.00
How to clear all dynamically created SPAN elements -0.21
Nested Element to add by javaScript using for loop +0.26
jquery- open and check radio button onclick -1.55
Splice or Remove list of elements from JSON Array ,removing even nu... 0.00
Ajax call failing 0.00
Data binding only updates on onfocus/blur 0.00
jQuery Complicated Accordion 0.00
How to get the element that jQuery plugin is attached? 0.00
JavaScript calculator not working out +0.30
jQuery unwrap() multiple elements -0.22
Using an "If statement" to get the value of the coloured... +0.26
Loop around HTML variable and replace spans with content 0.00
Javascript remove DOM element if exists +1.29
Javascript html array not saving and displaying -0.54
Show multiple row in dynamic input field 0.00
Update global variable with jQuery.tabs -0.72
Javascript Warp Time with Warp js 0.00
Find the ID of a nested element in jQuery -1.69
Nested for loop and alternate map method 0.00
Javascript Text Change on Interval in banner - no click -0.97
Add class to previous element using jquery -2.72
If(!=="[object Array]" can't und... -0.75