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Gordon Linoff

1560.33 (5,425th)
1,006,280 (2nd)
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Title Δ
Sql query to get unique date based on month 0.00
How to convert time given as string into integer mins 0.00
Insert additional rows using Postgres 0.00
How do I query every person that does not know anyone that takes cl... 0.00
SQL - Display sales this month and last month in the same table 0.00
Remove Duplicate Values from Table and leave the ID with the most c... 0.00
PostgreSQL - One-To-One - which approach is "better"? 0.00
how to select the unique id count for repeated id that have a speci... 0.00
Update a date in SQL using DATEADD 0.00
Oracle select from table and join where date is oldest 0.00
Get specific column data from all tables in Big Query datasets 0.00
How to unnest and pivot two columns in BigQuery 0.00
What kind of a timestamp is this? 0.00
MySQL: what's the difference between a subquery and an alias de... 0.00
Getting number of followers and "am I following" in a sin... 0.00
How to accumulate matches when querying multiple tables in SQLite? 0.00
Return Players With Ability To Play All Same Positions 0.00
MySQL query for timestamp of change in column value 0.00
SQL joining a table with itself 0.00
Is there a way to add a table constraint based on one of its column... 0.00
spliting the string in pl/sql 0.00
If new value exists in previous dates then count duplicates 0.00
ERROR: The value expression referenced by column xxx can not direct... 0.00
How to group dates into month and add a new column after grouping 0.00
Remove quotes from column name 0.00
Select which has matching date or latest date record 0.00
SQL - how to count unique within case when? 0.00
May be Lock one record(row) in database (MySql)? 0.00
How to update several elements by id? 0.00
select into loop statement 0.00
Subquery with joins - need help returning rows even if empty - MySQL 0.00
How can I get the proper name in the output of the following SQL qu... 0.00
How to use nested queries to do matrix power in sql? 0.00
SQL Retrieve latest value relative to a subset 0.00
removing duplicates depending on combination of columns 0.00
Finding the Differences Between 2 Columns, clarify 0.00
Recreate Moving Median and Moving Mode Excel formula in SQL 0.00
Using a window function in BigQuery to create running sum of active... 0.00
Update query without condition but need to update 90% of records in... 0.00
SQL finding most popular books 0.00
How to query two tables that have the same field, that returns id o... 0.00
Oracle SQL - How to compare the number of rows between 2 sets in th... 0.00
Does "NOT" apply to other logical operators in SQL? 0.00
Map a set of groups to a set of relationships 0.00
Join Multiple tables with No Relation 0.00
SQL schema design: two tables vs adding columns to the same table 0.00
Getting users who installed and uninstalled app on same day with ti... 0.00
Remove trailing commas after concatenating columns using ISNULL 0.00
Can't join two temp tables 0.00