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Gordon Linoff

1585.59 (2,593rd)
1,218,172 (2nd)
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Title Δ
SQL query to get 2 values from table 1 and join all possible option... +1.64
Row_number in SQL -0.72
how to union 2 tables but select values based on condition? -1.62
Joining to only one row in child table 0.00
Is there any method to permanently alias a mysql column? -0.37
How to write a query to get route id based on multiple parameters? 0.00
MySQL - check for empty result -0.09
How to get Total Overdraft amounts from a particular Date in SQL 0.00
Improve performance of NOT IN Clause query 0.00
How to Generate FY from Date Column In Db2 0.00
Removing rows from result set where column only has one value again... -0.26
How can I get a count of how many times a distinct value appears in... 0.00
SQL Oracle : How to get the sum result of GROUP BY , How to select... 0.00
How to join data with static dataset in SQL 0.00
MYSQL Group By Query with subtract of number based on where condition 0.00
Aggregate rows where primary key has multiple entries -SQL server +1.08
How do I identify wether it is a male or female in the table row? 0.00
Avoid error out of range SQL during database migration 0.00
SQLite: Part of the code is working like a charm when it's a se... 0.00
Dividing COUNT (strings) with conditions in BigQuery -1.96
Using a foreach/while/loop with sql query 0.00
Add a summary column with totals -0.37
Effectively handling wildcard characters in Sybase -0.14
insert missing row in table oracle -0.64
Where not in inner join function -0.80
Update values on multiple rows where a condition is fulfilled - SQL -0.64
Error with Hive SubQuery - Unsupported SubQuery Expression -0.12
Write a MySQL query to get required result 0.00
SQL : Summing only distinct values -0.69
A way to pivot/stack table in SQL +0.37
Access SQL Query: Display only most recent record of duplicate reco... -0.13
SQL query to insert aggregated data into existing column using colu... 0.00
(SQL) How to compare each row to all other rows in Presto +1.22
How to get the average in pl/sql from a count within multiplel dates 0.00
Daily status using prior value as backfill 0.00
How to make a sum which involves a count 0.00
Return statistics from two joined tables +0.38
hibernate there can be only one auto column and it must be defined... -0.61
Google BigQuery SQL: How to fill in gaps in a table with dates? -1.84
BigQuery: get median and distinct count in one query -1.86
PostgreSQL Select latest and by other clause 0.00
speed up join on string field +1.23
LEFT JOIN not keeping only records that occur in a SELECT query +1.88
Join or Union Two Queries With Multiple Aggergate SUMs -2.26
Group consecutive Rows into two rows with start and end 0.00
How do I use row wise values in case statement in big query? 0.00
PostgreSQL, Window function usage question (with specific example) 0.00
i want max of multiple columns +1.61
Group several rows of data into one row by column? 0.00