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Amal K

1470.17 (4,392,732nd)
166 (508,475th)
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Title Δ
C Left Shift Operator 0.00
Python code with function not returning result 0.00
How to include identical if block in multiple functions? 0.00
python re.sub not replacing string 0.00
Is there a way to find out where my operating system is located in... 0.00
Writing to ofstream using ios::ate overwrites existing file 0.00
unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'str' and 'float'... 0.00
How to get only specific items from list in Python 0.00
When is it best to use a python map function with a user defined fu... 0.00
Is there a way to auto add gradient to images? 0.00
I cannot get new line in python 0.00
Why is UINT32_MAX + 1 = 0? 0.00
Reading an array from stdin using input() function throws an EOF er... +0.33
How would I split up user input into a char and an integer? -3.29
How to get my function to print true or false +3.23
Code does not work for all test cases of flattening a nested list +0.37
How to actively free/delete all associated objects when reassigning... -0.58
Diffrence between node *temp; and node *tmp = new node; -3.83
grab a value from a dict and insert in a new dict in Python -0.63
Input/Output operations on characters -1.34
Create lists from multiple dicts with same key +0.49
How can I use va_arg in a loop without knowing how many optional ar... -2.59
how to build maxHeap in python +0.49
How to determine if a tuple is a slice of another tuple (not only a... 0.00
Why is child element not taking 100% height of its parent? -3.75
Where is custom.css in the generated html file from nbconvert? +4.21
How does java call variables modified by functions in another class? +0.28
I'm getting a wrong answer in CodeChef and I don't know why... +0.19
Print a Matrix using for loop - Python +0.28
Multiplying all floats in line by a number with python +0.06
How does count become 5 here? +4.28
converting lower case to upper case using recursive function and do... +3.08
Found an error in my logistic regression program 0.00
What happened about reference types and primitive types in Java in... +0.24
Basic translator, that translates a vowel into a g +0.36
check if values in array have common difference -0.84
How to encode and impute categorical data? 0.00
How does it works? Sequence of computing variable into printf 0.00
Random in a list of lists +0.66
Given a virtual address, output the page number and offset for the... +4.72
returns names but fails to count first examples -1.62
selection sort for array of objects +5.03
Keeping values of vector -3.08
modify the linked list main function code in which user will input... +0.47
Strange side effect from a copy constructor -3.96
Error in `file.write`, wrong argument type 0.00
How to shift my code in other block in Java? +4.40
How do I scrap status code from the log file? (in c++) 0.00
Python : How to call csv files from the directory based on the list... -1.71
Can you get all positive numbers in python? +5.52