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1650.28 (505th)
776,931 (8th)
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Title Δ
Java shrink image file to target file size 0.00
How to fix LocationManager crashing app on initialization 0.00
Large 10000x11866 .PNG image still blurry in Android Studio 0.00
Fileprovider always throws IAE 0.00
How to use generic list for putParcelableArrayList? +1.18
Using an external webcam instead of the hardware camera 0.00
Can't find where my database file is being copied to my phone/e... +0.30
FileNotFoundException in a function while another function is using... 0.00
Non-periodic background job runs for a long time 0.00
IntentService can't call enqueueWork() 0.00
Incomplete method access modifier and/or non-access modifier in And... 0.00
Why I get this fatal error when I try to open the camera? 0.00
what is the difference between shared preferences and internal stor... -0.71
Fragment Pager Adapter only displaying last fragment created +0.30
What should be the context parameter for ContextCompat.getDrawable(... +0.05
How to separate Android layout for TV and phone/tablet? +0.30
Can I override android:noHistory in code? +0.30
context.startForegroundService(startServiceIntent) multiple time wi... 0.00
Why are bundles used as opposed to standard Objects? 0.00
Widget onUpdate calls once 0.00
FileProvider vs MediaStore content URI 0.00
How to save & retrieve the image's URI though onSaveInstanc... 0.00
What is different between: 0.00
Broadcast receivers in background when app is not in recents 0.00
Removing an application from the recent app list -0.20
Android Webview don't load my FPDF link in webview 0.00
Should an extra file be placed in raw or assets folder? 0.00
Android - Registering a Receiver from a Static 'helper' Met... 0.00
Upload Image from Gallery to FTP No such file or directory 0.00
Read Custom file from /app/ folder - Android 0.00
DrawerLayout in AndroidX is Missing? +0.29
How can I get the true path where my file is? 0.00
I am sending broadcast from appA to appB. To upgrade my code to And... 0.00
Android NavigationUI Fragment in Fullscreen Mode 0.00
How to automate Android project skeleton creation? (no Android Stud... 0.00
Difference between .getPath() vs cursor in getting the real path of... 0.00
Material Favorite Button vs Image Button 0.00
How to delete a file in /download (ora any other folder) in the and... 0.00
Room - Synchronous @Delete all -0.70
Is there a way to keep permanent access to resources exposed with F... 0.00
Will the internal data be deleted when package is renamed +0.29
View must have a tag error in android data binding -0.20
Can I use checkPermission instead of checkSelfPermission on android... 0.00
get the content provider uri crash in android 0.00
Are background threads necessary if I am storing and retrieving dat... +0.30
When i start the intent ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE it automatically... 0.00
problems taking screenshot only when some specific apps are running 0.00
Why BaseAdapter does not need parenthesis? 0.00
SQLite database as IntentService, caching database state? 0.00
Android SDK's Button is replaced by MaterialButton when I chang... 0.00