An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1646.98 (547th)
515,362 (7th)
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Title Δ
How to fix NullPointerException from getSystemService(java.lang.Str... 0.00
Android val cannot be reassigned +0.30
Android Content Uri Format 0.00
How to create array of ImageView by providing size in Kotlin +1.24
How can i keep the job service running when the app is closed from... 0.00
Android SMS permission restriction 0.00
What are alternatives to storing variables in Application class? 0.00
CWAC Stream¨Provider: Bad file after sharing - too large and u... 0.00
How to get the latest Room version? +0.30
Intent for Installing .apk via Web URL 0.00
how to get image path from resource as a string in java in android -0.54
CWAC error: Unable to get provider com.commonsware.cwac.provider.St... 0.00
The Structure of a Service Class in Android - Questions and Check W... 0.00
Getting the information about the currently playing video 0.00
Android Studio 3.3 disallows adaptive icons for SDK version less th... +0.30
What difference between "Clear text communication not permitte... 0.00
Android: Save Notification PendingIntent to Room DB 0.00
Androidx Preferences not incuding RingtonePreference 0.00
Question on android bluetooth requirements 0.00
My app skips starting an intent and executes the next code lines? +0.30
Can i send email without password using GoogleSignInApi and SMTP se... 0.00
Obtaining thumbnail of pdf present in assets folder gives file not... 0.00
Which Android versions run which Java versions? +0.31
Open different applications in part of screen using multi windowing 0.00
Restrict a mimeType not to show in Storage Access Framework(SAF) do... 0.00
How do I use jetbrains exposed with android contentResolver/Mediast... 0.00
Cancel (and hide) Android notification programatically 0.00
Obfuscating android API 0.00
Displays a dialog when taking a picture of the screen 0.00
What is the full list of extras for Intent.ACTION_PICK? 0.00
Implementing onActivityResult() in a Service -0.18
ListView is automatically selecting random items +0.30
Requesting camera permissions results in NullPointerException in St... 0.00
How can I cause the Android Application class to be recreated? -0.15
Unresolved reference: LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE inside onBindViewHolder -2.83
Install two versions of an apk (with different applicationIds) 0.00
How create folder (and file) within the installation of app in Andr... +0.30
How to set the SwitchPreference style to a "normal" switch? -0.70
Why games don't show layout bounds? 0.00
Android 8.1 - Why I can't delete song file? +0.30
Identify Context.startForegroundService() source in stack traces? 0.00
How to get data from cursor using Room 0.00
Can I modify "tools" namespace? 0.00
How to convert a bitmap to an image resource - Android -0.20
Is the activity stack saved to disk deleted If the app isn't op... 0.00
Api 28 class is called from androidx's support library 0.00
property getter or setter expected in Kotlin ViewModel class +0.29
Pop up Android default lock screen on launching app 0.00
Does job intent service is always started in same background thread? 0.00
Passing extras with Intent.createChooser -0.21