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1658.84 (446th)
969,461 (9th)
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Title Δ
Android -- Is SQLite deprecated or something? (Non-SDK warning spam) 0.00
starting application with speed detection -0.21
Printing cursor information to logcat 0.00
Getting RecoverableSecurityException while deleting file on Android... 0.00
Unable to create an instance of ViewModel 0.00
Develop custom Android Power Menu widgets 0.00
I'm seeing an `android.content.ActivityNotFoundException` when... 0.00
Can android throw NoSuchAlgorithmException for MD5 0.00
Is it possible to know if my Application.onCreate() was called beca... 0.00
Is the CameraX API dependent of Google Play Services? 0.00
Binding a remote Service (AIDL) 0.00
Android 10 BadParcelableException ClassNotFoundException when unmar... 0.00
Obtain GPS or Network provider from Fused Location Provider 0.00
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URL query string For dynamic qu... 0.00
Is it possible to get logs for when an app is trying to access loca... 0.00
Why do notifications on Oreo not display unless an icon is set 0.00
I there a way to get image ressource from a Service? 0.00
How do you request MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in Android? +0.00
syntax error in "SELECT DISTINCT _id near "SELECT" +1.25
Why is android unable of finding my file? 0.00
Pre launch report, trying to track down kotlin API error from JVM b... 0.00
How to set a default camera with android using kotlin 0.00
Failed to find configured root that contains /data/data/my_package/... 0.00
java.lang.RuntimeException:Failure delivering result ResultInfo{who... 0.00
Android 11: How/where to write mixed media files that should surviv... +1.20
How to specify on which screen of the android phone my app icon wil... 0.00
Tile only application 0.00
Which one is preferable : Rx-Subject or Android BroadcastReceiver 0.00
Can I do something while the app is being installed? 0.00
How to solve java.lang.SecurityException while trying to take a pho... 0.00
How to list only configured languages in Android 0.00
How long does a BroadcastReceiver stay active if it is registered i... 0.00
How can check if two Uris point to the same file in Android? 0.00
How to get started with creating custom camera intent for image cap... 0.00
Android submenu appears in place of main menu 0.00
ACTION_MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION not redirected to the app page in... 0.00
Pre-installed PdfViewerActivity does not work with SelfSigned trust... 0.00
How can I reduce the minimum interval for periodic work requests? 0.00
How can a closed application receive periodic broadcasts? +0.29
How can I merge two bundleOf? 0.00
Share raw resources android 0.00
Android get images from gallery 0.00
How can I refresh the data source of ListAdapter at once after I la... +0.29
SAF - Share file via mail after creation with ACTION_CREATE_DOCUMENT 0.00
Can't get string informations from another intent 0.00
How to install most recent version of Sqlite aar when using Room On... +0.76
Android - Save a file from raw assets to external storage for other... 0.00
How is it possible to get the path from the activity result of a `A... 0.00
Android: can I have a browsable service? 0.00
calling coroutine function from activity returns `should be called... -0.38