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1542.18 (10,506th)
38,247 (2,922nd)
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Title Δ
Polygon clusters from List of polygon Neighbors +0.43
Is it possible to do XOR operation using 32-bit system on a 16 digi... 0.00
Java one liner to create a list of String, add contents of another... -0.07
Check if we can travel from source to destination -0.38
How do I get GCC to put a char in ah/bh/ch/dh? 0.00
Counting the number of Nodes in Binary Tree O(logn)^2 -0.39
Asymptotic Notation: Finding two constants such that n >= n0 0.00
How to compile and dump assembly for a c library (string.h)? -0.60
Shortest string matching multiple wildcard expressions -0.59
Algorithm to sort passengers into their nearest vehicle until vehic... +0.44
How to save specific strings in a file to variables in C 0.00
How to sort an `int **` array in C with native qsort +2.12
Generating correct phrases from PEG grammars 0.00
Tips with fread +0.67
Build BST with an array and query a new node insertion level/depth 0.00
Interview question: Merge two sorted linked list without creating a... -0.06
Finding smallest window which covers all entries in a circular array +0.81
Duplicate Key Illegal state Exception from 0.00
Mandelbrot Set: Stripes Appearing in Deeper Zooms (>1E14) (Java) 0.00
Why does hashmap split method need to determine if (hiHead! = Null)... 0.00
Java Concurrency in Practice “Listing 7.9. Interrupting a task in a... 0.00
Data structure for counting combination occurrences 0.00
Collision detection with slow frame rate 0.00
Approach for the problem UVA 10461 Difference 0.00
How to control nil in this binary_search algorithm 0.00
Constructing sequential Huffman Tree From Scratch 0.00
How to make sure in RTOS that Task1 finish then Task2 start (we don... +0.45
The Java compiler -1.79
Calculating maximum mutually independent set of nodes with iterativ... 0.00
Proving Not Big Omega? -0.22
Why is this output of the preprocessor seemingly not making sense? 0.00
Convert cycle to lambda expression 0.00
Trying to initialise a new struct for every connection in server-cl... 0.00
Python - create a Christmas Tree 0.00
How to keep track of a / a + b? +2.52
Inserting an element to a full hash table with a constant number of... -0.56
I am trying to select in my regex only what is between `<` and `-` 0.00
accessing every nth element in array (hamming code) 0.00
Generate usernames (alphanumeric strings) using Java +0.49
condition to avoid NPE for nested exceptions when using getCause().... -1.10
Is there a way to find the position of a special character '\n&... 0.00
Is this method to get the closest number in a sorted List most effe... -1.89
Bit mask in swapping bits algorithm 0.00
How to find least square fit for two combined functions +0.42
Efficient sorting of rotated N bit words +2.51
How to delete a node with a particular value? +2.20
How to solve this problem through dynamic programming approach? -2.33
Given n rectangles coordinates, find area of region where k rectang... +2.14
Is it possible to sort the string from the list more cleverly? +1.56
Java Regular Expression giving a different result with variable inp... -0.56