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Manuel Selva

1470.48 (4,342,854th)
10,569 (14,275th)
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Title Δ
TypeError: unhashable type: 'slice', wh 0.00
How to profile time spent in memory access in C/C++ applications? +0.36
the raw encoding of pre-defined events in perf +2.40
How to trace the list of PIDs running on a specific core? -0.46
Accellera SystemC error with a large number of SC_THREAD +0.55
How does perf work? +0.56
How to regain the hex value of a byte in java? 0.00
Using linux perf and PEBS to sample memory accesses in a program 0.00
Perf not working properly in Ubuntu 0.00
What is the difference between "cpu/mem-loads/pp" and &qu... 0.00
Get `perf` to provide alphabetized list of functions 0.00
perf stat gives different number of instruction for every run 0.00
Count read and write accesses to memory 0.00
How write a simple command line tool in C? -0.46
Linux perf command for cache references -0.21
Is FLOPS included in the number of instructions given by perf_event? 0.00
Count floating-point instructions +0.03
sched_setaffinity and glibc - cross-compilation 0.00
Classifying a program as compute intensive based on performance cou... 0.00
How to shutdown eclipse instances programmatically +0.22
Count only visible files in directory -0.71
Adding elements from a List to a List of Lists -0.49
Measure page faults from a c program +1.43
Install "perf" on Mac 0.00
Interpreting a hex number as decimal -1.01
Find source location where a branch was mispredicted 0.00
How do I write exactly one page of text with java? +0.51
Change chracters in String between some other chracters 0.00
I am familiar with Ruby /DL but not sure how to use the C function... +0.03
Which exception method should be overriden? +1.89
Printing an array from method in main +0.03
Logic behind finding Heap space available 0.00
pass string array out of function in c 0.00
Segmentation fault with dynamic allocation +0.35
Does mmap allocate a page or part of a page? +0.50
Using mmap to receive file from server 0.00
How to sort out a List<PackageInfo> in android..? +0.55
Using perf probe to monitor performance stats during a particular f... 0.00
What are stalled-cycles-frontend and stalled-cycles-backend in 'per... +0.55
mq_open() - too many open files 0.00
PMU (Performance Monitoring Unit) Issues on AMD 0.00
error: invalid operands to binary == (have 'struct demo' and 'struc... +2.78
Delete files when closing Eclipse 0.00
Difference in perf and Intel PCM 0.00
Find out how many hardware performance counters a CPU has 0.00 file has no samples 0.00
Captain crunch - ROT13 encoder program -1.62
How do you interpret cachegrind output for caching misses? 0.00
Unable to disable Hardware prefetcher in Core i7 0.00
How make emacs console mode inherit shell colors +0.58