An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1529.85 (18,204th)
28,801 (4,302nd)
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Title Δ
Spring, Spring-security : Spring-security returning 302, even if lo... 0.00
Can't run tomcat7 0.00
How is serializing objects to json? +0.40
jOOQ and Caching? -1.54
jOOQ: Allowed-Character constraints? -1.56
Reading values from properties file in JOOQ Code Gen Config xml 0.00
How multi threaded exception is handled in JSP page? 0.00
How do you set the filename for a JAXWS MTOM Attachment? 0.00
SOAP Service Client doesn't send Mime headers for Basic Auth 0.00
How to send mail using Simple Java Mail framework? +0.45
Set xml encoding -0.55
how to test POODLE vulnerability for Jboss 7AS +0.45
Intellij set runtime variables for run configuration -0.55
How to get local ip address of UDP packet sender in java 0.00
flywaydb applies java migrations even when SQLException is raised 0.00
Gradle build failing : Task 'jar' not found in root project... +0.45
Running Java Program on AWS (Amazon Web Services) 0.00
exception unmarshalling xml file using jaxb 0.00
Jenkins doesn't refactor folder names, SonarQue gives response 0.00
Bean Validation not working for multiple bean classes 0.00
JAXB Release Documentation stating contrary information about Compi... 0.00
Deploy Play! 2.2.x on java based shared hosting 0.00
Java Shutdown hook is getting called without exitVM.0 from permissi... 0.00 Remote host closed connection... +0.00
Separate application logic threads and servlet threads in a WAR pro... 0.00
Value assigning to IfcQuantityLength instance in Industry Foundatio... 0.00
Cargo:run If you specify a containerId, you also need to specify a... 0.00
maven build projects in sequence automatically in my case 0.00
Is it possible to attain 100% pass rate using Selenium Webdriver? +0.45
Powermock SerializationIssue 0.00
Jersey custom provider throws IOException for UTF-8 encoding 0.00
XML Element insert/delete/search using JAXB 0.00
What is the reason of java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException w... 0.00
pass typesafe config file in maven 0.00
Why can Boolean flag not also be used as wait() / notifyAll() mutex? +1.55
X11 Frwarding Error while trying to run a Java Utility with GUI 0.00
Eclipse Kepler making multiple SSH connections 0.00
PermGen error due to leak in JAXBClassLoader 0.00
How to restrict log4j console appender to log only on localhost 0.00
Time based Folder Deletion in Logback 0.00
Scala PlayFramework waiting for source changes. But Not responding 0.00
codenameone is there a simpler/nicer way to call a Web Service? +0.11
Running a jar produce from gradle build -0.05
Invalid source release: 1.8 on jenkins in SBT -0.05
Java 7 -> Java 8: AES Causes exception: "BadPaddingExceptio... 0.00 while calling a webservice in Soap UI th... 0.00
SOAP WS-Security header UsernameToken is element tenant valid? 0.00
Spring - Autowire fails when adding an aspect-backed annotation to... 0.00
Null pointer exception only on application startup org.eclipse.pers... 0.00
invalid xml syntax in jersey webservices using JAXB 0.00