An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Yazad Khambata

1479.90 (4,497,350th)
688 (210,841st)
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Title Δ
Heap dump when OutOfMemory is due to "unable to create new nat... 0.00
Measure calculation time between threads - java 0.00
Enabling JavaScript based on current page +0.26
Why is give me "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier&qu... -1.09
Apache Camel zip folder 0.00
Why can't we directly call Objects clone method instead of usin... 0.00
Java servlet redirecting using filters 0.00
Writing multiple images to ServletOuputStream? 0.00
Perfect squares from odd numbers +0.03
Why is stringbuffer final? -2.07
What's the difference between auth-constrain and security-role? 0.00
Search string in a directory jquery -2.17
Java: Why can't I output a String converted from StringBuffer t... -3.47
Serve an already-gzipped response from a Servlet 0.00
Substring alternative -1.97
Android: How to view the entire content of httprequest and httpresp... 0.00
Javascript - Difference between defineProperty and directly definin... 0.00
How to parse an infinite json array from stdin in go? -3.38
How to delete multiple elements by index at same time in array wher... 0.00
Why can't java find my file? -1.98
Setter methods, multiple with no parameters or single with value? -0.92
console.log not working Mac OS X 0.00
Modify pointcut expressions at runtime using Spring AOP 0.00
angularjs ng-click for runtime tags not working +0.22
What is the best approach to use multiple services inside a resourc... +4.13
Is it okay to use "create" as a property name in a JavaSc... -0.41
Angular Js post date Bad Request in Java Spring mvc 0.00
How to add an attachment to mailto in Java +4.07
Non-synchronised methods of an object in Java? -0.38
how to set many targets to ProxyFactoryBean? -3.63
Importing .css into jsp document -2.01
AngularJS: preferable order of class="" and ng-click=&quo... +4.08
JS - function declared inside a function -2.45
how to run a batch file using java +0.08
How do I cast an int to a long parameter? 0.00
NPE error when assigning variables (program does not crash, only de... 0.00
Difference between current time and future time in java -1.28
should I use Exception to simulate a goto statement in java -3.98
Creating a table of divs +0.32
Sorting algorithm for continuous data stream -2.39
Can I deploy mongod along with my application? +0.28
mongodb gridfs to flat files 0.00
Castor Generated Classes (XML Marshalling) - XSD Unavailable 0.00
Build Failed java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 0.00