An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1452.02 (4,532,061st)
5,359 (30,796th)
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Title Δ
How can i underline as apecific field in a graphviz record 0.00
How does plantuml represent a multiple cases decision node? 0.00
plantuml background color for text blocks within note 0.00
plantuml - better disposition of arrows and text 0.00
How can i install WSL2 on an external SSD? 0.00
PlantUML State Machine control arrow direction to itself layout 0.00
Implementing a Set in typescript, specifically IterableIterator<... 0.00
How to get a non-linear layout in class diagram? 0.00
plantuml : strange behavior when including multiple times startsub... 0.00
Apps Script getEventById() returns null -0.28
Head First Design Patterns question on Duck Simulator walk through... -0.47
How to reuse a single JavaScript in both server and client componen... 0.00
How to create a package using the browser in Pharo? 0.00
How to access Reponse text in TypeScript Chai? 0.00
What's the purpose of making the class which instantiates all o... +0.96
Catch and handle (differently) different exceptions for the same bl... +0.53
How to do a bit mask operation Pharo? +0.65
SortedCollection that ignores case in strings +2.27
Facade Pattern Need Example 0.00
How to find all .csv files in a directory using Pharo? -0.38
How can I show a progress bar in Pharo? 0.00
How to add a new method in Pharo? 0.00
How to specify API Key in this sample code? 0.00
How would you go about persisting an object which implements the St... +0.21
GRASP Indirection vs Mediator Pattern 0.00
Find source (in package.json) of vulnerability (in package-lock.json) 0.00
How to create a package of models in Django -0.19
Converting the interfaces in hierarchical structure in OOD -0.41
What is the utility of the design pattern Observer when you can get... 0.00
Business logic in command design pattern -1.85
does iterator pattern violates law of demeter? ( least knowldge pri... +0.17
Decorator pattern: enhanced design? +0.58
How to share logic among functions? -0.26
Static Factory method Advantages +0.57
C - What Interfaces are in UML Component Diagrams +1.50
Modeling relationships with domain models +2.35
Github - what is red X, green check mark in view of branches 0.00
UML- Can aggregation lines be combined, assuming the same multiplic... -1.57
Design Patterns - Understanding Facade Pattern +1.10
How to use class and data type in class diagram? -0.49
Bidirectional association, what's better? 0.00
most suitable design pattern to choose parser based on input file +0.62
Discussion: Which design patterns would you use for this solution? +0.58
Design pattern for multiple versions of class/algorithm -0.42
Design pattern for synchronizing shared domain models 0.00
Is it ok to keep adding virtual methods to the base class(the inter... +2.14
I am implementing factory design pattern in java -1.66
Design pattern to handle the interaction between different types of... -1.00
How does the Decorator pattern chain method calls? -0.74
Domain Model pattern example -1.29