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Carl Norum

1655.16 (483rd)
181,326 (278th)
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Title Δ
How to fix a compiling warning on a C program 'char *' 0.00
How to revert both local and remote git repository to a previous co... 0.00
Using C macros in eclipse post-build step 0.00
GCC Posistion independent code: Variables are not loaded correctly 0.00
Why is my && statement not working in this fighting game I... -0.21
What is refs/for/master when not using Gerrit? 0.00
Delete commit from a branch -2.83
Memory Allocation C with pointers and structures 0.00
How can I initialize array of structs to global in c? 0.00
*** No targets. Stop on Linux using C 0.00
*(x+i) is same as &x[i]? +1.01
C language, if statement confusion -0.21
Error: No operator "=" matches these operands in "Se... -0.44
How to synchronize threads at regular intervals? 0.00
Reuse variable in macro with modification 0.00
sizeof operator returns 1bytes for VOID operator 0.00
Is there a way to get a list of every person who's checked into... +1.41
' vs " while using chars, in C -0.24
How to debug "ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer and i... 0.00
cd(Change Directory) command on linux 0.00
Why some top level competitive programmers use #pragma? 0.00
Why casting in C++ prints an unexpected result? +1.86
Getting output of a c file into a bash variable 0.00
How to print a float being the decimal place's value a variable... 0.00
Why do I receive the 'expected expression' error when compi... +1.16
Adding zero padding to file name with bash +0.93
ifndef isn't working; I have a header file included twice -0.56
check whether command has a specific command line option +1.83
malloc should be given size of pointer or size of memory? 0.00
Ping error ping: -l flag: Operation not permitted 0.00
How do you split a byte into sets of 2 and then rotate them using C? 0.00
How to create an array of ints filled with 0s in c? 0.00
Instrumented code causing infinite recursion loop 0.00
fgets() causing segmentation fault 0.00
Source for a build from vs the process to submit a chan... 0.00
bash -c does not set $? as expected 0.00
Can anybody explain me like i'm 5 how the variables work on a f... +0.89
Create an unsigned short int * variable with a fixed size (without... 0.00
How to make a #define use 64 bits -0.76
need help on luhns algorithm using 'C' for CS50 -1.90
Is there a gfortran equivalent to gcc's __attribute__((section(... 0.00
How I can prevent integers from truncating value while division in C? 0.00
Interrogate the C compiler about data types when cross-compiling 0.00
Why am I getting an unaligned memory access fault? [Cortex M4] -3.24
Strange output from printf 0.00
Why does this print the wrong part of the string? -0.07
nmake warning U4006: special macro undefined : '$@"' +1.17
sorting structures with name not working in C 0.00
What is the difference between a git pull request and a git push co... -2.76
How can I make my code in compliance with MISRA 2012 RULE 8.4 0.00