An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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G. Allen Morris III

1469.77 (4,519,929th)
698 (208,348th)
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Title Δ
How to create globally available functions in Perl? -1.10
Find longest sub-array with no repetitions -3.71
Regular expression that matches anything in the powerset of a given... -2.37
How to sort given array list? -2.40
How does & and | works in this example of C? -3.81
Circular array slicing -3.61
Replacing non standard characters in Ruby -3.39
Remove extra characters from thread script 0.00
What is my best approach to determining compiler behaviour for empt... 0.00
create a 9X9 box of number with dashed line in row 3, 6, and 9 0.00
mounting NFS folder on to nodes using a one command or shell program +0.12
what does a ruby method ending with an "=" mean? -4.53
ruby set key of hash for array of hashes -0.36
I need a hand with an SQL task 0.00
git status of another remote +4.36
How to define Ubuntu sudoer permission for specific set of commands 0.00
using grep in bash scripting -0.08
How to YARD document a method that returns nothing 0.00
String calculation -3.92
How do I remove a single-symbol junk "file" in Ubuntu? 0.00
How do I use Ruby's new lambda syntax? 0.00
In C add up 1/2 + 2/3 +...+ 18/19 + 19/20 -0.68
How to detect if string contains only latin symbols using Ruby 1.9? +2.82
Getting MIB compile error: Sequence and Row should have related names 0.00
Is the regualar expression syntax in and javascript identic... +0.50
SSH tunnel: local => gateway => MySQL server -4.30
libpq very slow for large (20 million record) database -3.78
ruby hash add key/value if modifier 0.00
return value of recv() function in perl 0.00
Unordered array in Ruby 0.00
How to have a buildbot GitPoller change source watch all branches? 0.00
pretty print to a file in ruby 0.00
Comparing two arrays in ruby 0.00
Check if table inherits from other table in PostgreSQL 0.00
How to delete all files that were recently created in a directory i... 0.00
Ruby: how to add "# encoding: UTF-8" automatically? 0.00
How to break out from a ruby block? 0.00