An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1458.48 (4,529,524th)
1,201 (132,363rd)
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Title Δ
JWT gets decoded easily on its site +0.06
React Redux rename nested object in API response -1.19
Modal box doesn't open in react-redux app -0.44
Is it correct to combine component's react state with redux sta... +0.54
EditText value to Long +1.51
React-Redux - rank counter table 0.00
Redux-form doesn't read SelectField's value 0.00
React-bootstrap: onChange invoked only once for "select" 0.00
How to read this format of JSON in Android -0.11
how to implement getFilter() on a BaseAdapter 0.00
How to Fetch realm database results in getView method 0.00
Android Search Filter for custom lists 0.00
Get the HTML page using htmlunit 0.00
Spring Boot WAR not working in Tomcat 7 but working in Tomcat 8 0.00
Netflix Feign - Propagate Status and Exception through Microservices -3.34
How to dispatch action from a child window? -1.23
Different routes for same component 0.00
EditText contents validation -1.20
ArrayList IndexOutOfBoundsException despite adding within the capac... -0.78
Pausing Android timer running in activity 0.00
Google AdMob vs. AdSense 0.00
Android read line text file +0.42
How to install Google play service? -3.64
Android ImageView blur animation -1.89
how to protect sensitive data in java +4.01
reading Text from file in assets +0.16
How can I count the Comments and the lines of a webpage using Jsoup? -3.50
How to stop this timer at 10 second? -3.67
How to share text in custom listview? 0.00
Delete the content of csv file in Java -3.74
(SOLVED) Android Insert to sqlite database from .csv -3.73
Open a URL within an Android application -3.95
Setting a layout for an Android AlertDialog -0.10
Eclipselink: persistence.xml connect to derby glassfish localhost d... +4.14
JPA MySQL Connection in Java EE project 0.00
Converting the Database details to JSON object +0.27
JavaScript sending XmlHttpRequest only works in Debug Console +0.23
Reading CSV file in resources folder android +2.28
data not found in sqlite database table +4.28
Location tracking in background while onChanging of the location in... -3.83
Reading CSV then Insert Data to SQLITE +4.20
cannot create multiple tables in a database +0.45
Android Typeface createFromAsset -1.27
how do i use database for my program in android +0.22
JSP XML syntax error: JasperException when replacing <% %> wi... -1.73
Android Sqlite AsyncTask populate ListView Null Pointer +0.25
Android GPS null pointer exeception 0.00
split the list and set it on android spinner +4.25
Android how to access database +0.23
How to create a Principal object in a customAuthenticationProvider? 0.00