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Mohammad Dehghan

1513.15 (52,112th)
14,216 (10,030th)
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Title Δ
When creating new branch, How to extend branch name from the existi... +0.47
Decompiled DLL - CS1660 Cannot convert to 'Delegate' becaus... -0.54
Why synchronized method cannot cause deadLock -0.09
How to add a .ThenInclude for a nested object within a generic spec... -0.02
At Github Pages my website don't show photos -0.02
How to replace a key inside a nested object +2.12
Display Name insted of ID 0.00
How do I make a button event with innerhtml in ASP.NET -0.26
Inheritance of a userControl from another one in wpf 0.00
Generate <img> from files in folder and apply a css style to... -0.21
Is there any way i can optimize this c# code? 0.00
Converting list in list to dictionary -0.68
Can I configure VSCode to use PS1 editor for "file / new"... -0.02
How can I get the data from div already divided -0.77
AutoMapper profile class in library - AutoMapperMappingException: M... 0.00
What is the cause here because I have null error? LINQ LeftJoin Pro... 0.00
Linq Divide Object into multiple object by Property +1.07
Functions only apply to the last div using .each function 0.00
Why only primitive types or enumeration types are supported in this... -0.52
Which approach is better for assigning conditionally +0.44
Visual Studio Code: switch-case block content indentation +0.46
How to compare the contents of two arrays and returning the index o... -0.40
Create different objects of model -0.97
EntityFramework Core does not return fresh data +1.89
How does the spread syntax affect array splice -0.84
Implementing binary heap in c++ 0.00
Check if object is a 'direct instance' of a class +1.49
How to get value out of promise .then | callback returns undefined 0.00
System.IO.StreamWriter has no string constructor in .netcore 1.1 -1.24
How do I abstract out the select in this Entity Framework IQueryabl... -1.35
I am trying to execute the following query, but it always reports a... -0.60
What is this editor opened by "git commit --amend" in Win... +1.46
Access statusbar on form from cplex callback function c# 0.00
javascript determine which OR statement triggered if statement -0.02
Gif Animation XAML C# Paused -0.52
Use FastReport.Net without database 0.00
C# Linq Query group by check if result is null -1.47
How to prevent object to be serialize in XML 0.00
Showing record count in DevExpress XtraGrid v12.2 0.00
How to check click method when button is created from a class? 0.00
Git merge not working as expected 0.00
Windows forms, creating dynamic scroll-able panel 0.00
regex match literal before question mark -0.28
IEnumerable Where filtering occuring without actually being called +0.47
Missing COM reference tab in Visual Studio 2008 0.00
Joining two tables using LINQ and fetching few columns as result fr... -0.05
Using Owner Handle in WPF window Show method 0.00
How to write Special characters in a file using mfc application? -0.03
Can we create pdf file using mfc application? +1.21
Sql Query using group clause +0.49