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Marc B

1593.40 (2,108th)
322,710 (109th)
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Title Δ
PHP foreach Loop (imagepng) Position dual 0.00
UPDATE to current date (PHP) 0.00
Multiple PIDs being stored in PID file 0.00
Is there a dynamic way to build my array so that I don't have t... 0.00
PHP Array - accessing specific elements 0.00
Echo full array from sql +1.69
PHP syntax breaking the image tag +0.12
Odd random number in range [1..99] +0.35
ORDER BY first OR condition true +1.38
PHP OOP redeclare private method/function in child class 0.00
How to separate (and sanitize) emails by commas? +2.15
Correct method to prevent null byte injection with HTML/Javascript/... +0.38
Use of Primary Key as Foreign Key in Foreign Key Table -0.82
Sending variables with functions assigned to them with JSON +0.38
Multiple includes in php not displaying in browser +0.38
How to get number of results in this object? +0.38
How do I fix this code? +1.76
JSON to PHP sending/ receiving variables with image data +0.37
What is the best way to insert multiple form arrays into a MySQL da... -1.27
Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null in AJAX Call +0.38
How can I do this faster? +0.13
Populate select box from database query based on another select box... -2.55
How to fix brackets in a Java program? +1.11
Why Django Rest Framework doesn't parse iso-8061 generated by J... 0.00
Test if an interval of two dates not participate the other intervals -1.46
Implode values from array with NULL or empty values cause unexpecte... +0.12
PHP and JSON - extra comma in results +2.14
PHP Write to .ini file exception -0.12
Read XML File with DOMDocument in php -2.29
bad behavior of tr function while passing 2 arguments -2.33
How do you set data validation on a range of cells with the Google... 0.00
Andoird 6.0 Chrome upload file and not Firefox 0.00
MYSQL Query & PHP - Query returning nil to IOS App -2.51
Because the IN clause () SQL Server does not work this way 0.00
SQL query within SQL query on sum -0.21
Matching words in string +1.34
$HOME vs ~ for use in bash scripts +1.57
SyntaxError: Unexpected EOF on closing </script> 0.00
Reading from file in C Error 0.00
Trying to develop a login and using a session to store the user'... 0.00
JSON_encode causing error when returning an array from php script t... 0.00
Display all rows in column with foreach -2.50
SQL: How to Consolidate CASE +1.97
SQL CASE statement with LIKE (MSG 156) +0.65
Ajax returns with PHP +0.35
PHP $_POST not working as expected -0.14
Why can't I get json data in JS from PHP? +2.68
Jquery showing once after submit -0.47
Wordpress won't select rows when using `BETWEEN 0 and 100000` -0.46
HTML / JQuery: Email an Entire Div/Table 0.00