An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1482.36 (4,233,461st)
982 (155,340th)
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Title Δ
Physics and std::numeric_limits<double>::epsilon()...When and... 0.00
Binary Search Tree implementation in C++ -2.30
Managing a Contiguous Chunk of Memory without Malloc/New or Free/De... +0.52
C - strcmp segmentation fault 11 -1.77
Where can I run application verifier commands 0.00
Why is my UnhandledExceptionFilter not being called on a simple div... +0.15
Are these time complexities correct -1.87
Address arithmetic -1.13
Is it possible to just have a condition by itself in a for loop? -3.92
Repeating Q_DISABLE_COPY in QObject derived classes 0.00
How can I initialize a POD array using parenthesis syntax in C++? -1.10
How to vectorize a distance calculation using SSE2 -2.42
Handling Floating-Point exceptions in C++ +3.88
Creating own float structure in C++ -3.93
Visual Studio 2012 Release only error 0.00
Returning from a function enters an infinite loop Visual Studio 2012 -0.26
Address of C++ pointer to class data member in Visual Studio -2.33
Floating Point, how much can I trust less than / greater than compa... -1.15