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1501.31 (401,322nd)
595 (237,593rd)
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Title Δ
Java Jpa Custom entity attribute converter and Specification 0.00
How to throw exception as converting a string to an int array in Ja... -0.65
Change a single parameter of Object in Hashmap 0.00
Java: Is "new String(oldString)" necessary? (Is String a... +2.39
Compare Sets inside Sets in Java 0.00
char + int gives unexpected result +0.08
Compare 2 list with different object java return unmatched list +0.50
How to get value from void method? +0.63
Check if dates are overlapping and return the maximum count +2.46
How to throw customised exception rather than 500 with spring boot -0.10
how to handle errors and status codes with server side events 0.00
What is the cleaner status code and response body for resource to u... 0.00
Statuscode guidelines when acting as a middle-man 0.00
How do you modify default enum (de)serialization for non-annotated... -1.99
JAVA incompatible types ... "cannot be converted to" -1.42
The best way for handle JWT SignatureException 0.00
(Java) Generating random number for division program +1.57
How to get all elements with the highest value with Java streams? +2.42
Handling REST API server response 0.00
HTTP Status in case of EntityNotFoundException 0.00
Apply @JsonProperty on either Setter OR Getter, not both 0.00
Is anyone familiar with the "Diameter of a Binary Tree" q... 0.00
Is there a status code to use when the response from server is miss... 0.00
Log4j ThreadContext MultiThread won't inherit 0.00
display the weight of balls in ascending order -0.48
Compiler not recognizing that class string value is equal to anothe... +0.51
How to add/append new rows from Array1[][] that do not exist in Arr... -0.10
how to get how many Friday available in each month using each month... -0.96
How do I add the auto increment values with java? -1.14
Remove string after second colon in Java -0.50
SimpleDateFormat object changes timezone without adding/subtracting... 0.00
ZonedDateTime from date string in yyyy-mm-dd -0.23
Sub class generics of class type in Typescript 0.00
How to check between two subclasses which one has been called when... 0.00
Why does my output give me the wrong amount of each number? -1.42
Array Index Out Of Bounds Java 0.00
Java Generics: Generic Return Type Only and Generic both Return Typ... -0.41
jpa one to one relationship issue when persist +2.17
Generic methods and implementations used in Magic Cup 0.00
Enum Class not visible in the same folder level 0.00
Anomalous behaviour with TreeSet() with custom comparator +4.07
Adding Matrices -0.14
How to set all properties to null without boilperplate? 0.00
Cannot find symbol of written method java.util.function 0.00
What is a good way to pass many parameters to controller? 0.00
Exception Handling: try-catch block error 0.00
Creating an array of a custom class 0.00
How to deep copy a List<Object> 0.00
This very simple guess game does not work +5.61
How do i give numbers to permutation of n elements? +0.13