An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Daniel Freeman

1503.10 (309,547th)
196 (458,741st)
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Title Δ
renaming a specific column of each dataframe in a list as part of a... 0.00
Measure peak memory usage in R 0.00
Keep missing data in ggplot2 stacked barplot -0.07
Make cv.glmnet select something between lambda.min and lambda.1se 0.00
R - Find if characters of a vector are in another vector -0.12
Transform a table from WIDE to LONG (pivoting) with duplicate rows... 0.00
Sorting histogram plots within facet_wrap by skew -0.04
While converting character variable into integer, there is a messag... -1.64
Quickly apply & operation to pairs of columns in R +4.28
Split ticks on y axis +4.51
Shortest path connecting multiple nodes in iGraph R 0.00
R parallel package - performance very slow in my toy example 0.00
Parallel recursive function in R? 0.00
Increasing mc.cores beyond the number of logical cores -0.11
R function to order data.frames held in a list object -3.71
How to write efficient nested functions for parallelization? 0.00
Parallel Computing in bash using a R script 0.00