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Rating Stats for

James Hopkin

1543.77 (10,111th)
11,438 (12,985th)
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Title Δ
passport-ldapauth get nested groups 0.00
C++ classes and pointers 0.00
Calculating the average in python +0.63
Correctly extract Emojis from a Unicode string -2.33
What is this kind of template mechanism called and how is it useful? +1.30
Number of Arguments for String Formatting -0.58
How to call a function of a class from a `for` loop in python 0.00
How to add new item into srt file 0.00
How to extract coordinates(lat, lan) from a URL in Python? +1.55
ctypes vs pure python 0.00
cant write to fstream file 0.00
HTTP response unrecognized text 0.00
Data is changing from Upper case to lower case while doing Find and... -0.16
using to apply function to list of strings in parallel? 0.00
Is it safe to poll for a variable written by other threads in a C p... -0.06
volatile in c++: should I define a variable which may changes by se... -0.99
Does hashtable allow duplicate values? -0.18
"Access violation reading location 0xcdcdcdfd" when seria... 0.00
How to create a tree using boost multi index container +0.48
Should I use std::unique_ptr<T> in a std::vector member varia... -0.06
pass C++ object to python function by boost::python -0.06
How to compile a templated class (C++) in Eclipse? -0.97
How can I determine type of object pointer points to? -0.60
how to resolve errors with the use of va_list? 0.00
C++/CLI equivalent of C#'s 'readonly' keyword 0.00
The standard Namespace problem -1.39
C++ template restrictions +1.57
Is there a way to set a fixed width for the characters in HTML? -2.44
What effect does static const have on a namespace member +1.41
how to pass vector of string to foo(char const *const *const)? +1.13
How do you use stl's functions like for_each? +0.18
Fast way to get N Min or Max elements from a list in Python -1.53
Loop efficiency - C++ -1.54
Easier way to do callbacks for vectors (or maybe something else in... -1.11
Python Class attributes - resetting +0.19
C++ classes , Object oriented programming +0.29
Will using delete with a base class pointer cause a memory leak? +0.93
Help with Python strings +0.77
Converting: #define xxxxxx ((LPCSTR) 4) +0.76
Ok to provide constructor for behaviorless aggregates (bundle-o-dat... -0.05
Exception handling before and after main -0.89
Automatic Clustering With Hash/Map of Vectors in C++ -1.48
Extract the return type of a function without calling it (using tem... +0.18
Pointers or references for dynamically allocated members that alway... -0.18
Name resolution in templates +0.40
Is returning a std::list costly? -1.12
How can I make a list of files, modification dates and paths? -0.15
template-ing a for loop in C++? -0.67
template-ing a for loop in C++? +1.10
Problems implementing the "Observer" pattern -0.61