An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1599.45 (1,802nd)
61,195 (1,495th)
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Title Δ
What is the correct port answer for SFTP - 115 or 22? 0.00
Is this swap implementation without destruction valid according to... +0.07
Is it safe to pass a void pointer to function that accepts a non-vo... -1.27
Position 3 polygons together in 3D +0.39
C: not writing BMP file properly +1.44
select on a bit vector in C++ complexity and implementation 0.00
Lock-free Reference counting and C++ smart pointers 0.00
C++ typedef and templates syntax? -0.64
O(N) Identification of Permutations -2.27
How to interpret "precision" on glsl 0.00
Check if value entered has digits in it +0.50
embedded C - volatile and/or variable passed to a function with con... 0.00
How can i programaticaly identify altered frames from a video +1.46
gcc atomic read and writes -0.86
Best method to copy texture to texture +0.36
Perl: Can not print occurence of string "." from an array +1.41
Tile based deferred rendering -0.15
C++ Printing a string in reverse using a for loop +1.02
Can't figure out how to return the proper amount of even numbers in... 0.00
"==" in C++ gives _sometimes_ different results for the s... +0.36
JS trapped in while loop 0.00
A static variable and a global variable both reside in data segment... +0.36
Perl sort not working as expected on numeric values 0.00
Why does ~-1 equal 0 and ~1 equal -2? -2.17
I could not understand the flow of following program . could anyone... -2.55
Ball not moving smoothly +1.19
Making friend template functions in non-template classes 0.00
C++ How to call common method from classes without a shared supercl... +0.81
VC++ optimisations break comparisons with NaN? +1.69
Why use these many macros when it is really not needed +0.10
Why does my class not link? 0.00
Simple examples with 2 dimensional wchar_t string array -0.81
Strange bug in windows when running code in c +0.95
Trying to write a script to kill a program automatically (mac/unix... +0.35
C++ expected primary-expression compile error +0.43
Corruption Of Heap 0.00
GLSL bypassing float array to uniform +0.36
Are unions still relevant vis a vis Object-Oriented Programming? +0.98
Javascript Console Application? -0.65
How does free() 'know' that passed pointer is valid? +1.05
"shake to do something" code explanation 0.00
C++: what does (a<<b) mean? -1.47
alternative to if statement in c++ +0.34
copied array and bubble sort c++ +0.33
segmentation fault: 11 in C code -1.00
why sed replace + redirection deletes my file? -0.41
Why use do { } while (0) in macro definition? +1.84
Left shift Float type +1.15
Back face culling + GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP? -1.59
Unusual behavior of ternary operator? -1.51