An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1626.97 (912th)
1,225 (129,121st)
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Title Δ
changing a dataframe with time and correponding activities into cou... 0.00
How to fill elements between intervals of a list 0.00
Get weighting of row per group 0.00
Extract rows between two specific cells pandas 0.00
Moving all rows with a certain index into a single row 0.00
Create a pandas dataframe from a dictionary of dictionaries 0.00
How to use indexing by matching strings in data frame in pandas 0.00
Count by a criteria across multiple files with Python and Pandas 0.00
How to replace pandas dataframe values based on lookup values in an... 0.00
One-hot encoder for SQL-like row data in python 0.00
Checking for a single column name inside a for loop. How to stop re... 0.00
function in groupby pandas 0.00
Pandas: Add a column of list of values from other columns based on... 0.00
How do I find rows in a pandas dataframe where values have changed? 0.00
Slice pandas series based on type of elements 0.00
Restructure data frame based on suffix 0.00
create a NxN matrix from one column pandas -0.91
How to access data most effectively in pandas 0.00
Re- proportion pandas column with new adjustments to add up to 1 0.00
Pandas df: group, bin and average in different columns? -2.17
Merge and make dictionary from Dataframe Columns -0.11
numpy pandas np.outer(): Shape of passed values is (15686, 15686),... +1.66
pandas drop rows after value appears -2.19
Collapse a pandas data frame of words into sentences 0.00
Left Join and get only specific column with 1st string match in pan... +0.34
Pandas: select from column with index corresponding to values in an... 0.00
pandas isin function on a for loop 0.00
Convert pandas dataframe to specific Json format in python 0.00
numpy select TypeError: unhashable type: 'list - numpy requires... 0.00
Make a list of items in similar pk DataFrame +0.82
Replace the below n rows values of a specific column with the same... +1.45
Indexing rows by boolean expression and column by position pandas d... -0.07
Pandas Multiple Conditional Mean With Group By 0.00
pandas df: change values in column A only for rows that are unique... 0.00
Determine counts for each column by label 0.00
Python sum check in pandas dataframe -1.14
how to populate a new column from conditions based on two existing... +1.61
Applying/Composing a function N times to a pandas column, N being d... -1.53
Python pandas pivot_table category column position +0.32
How to count consective 1 in column and get max count of each group +0.98
Pandas drop duplicates where condition +2.48
Find the occurence based on the index values in pandas -0.01
Creating a new column from pairwise row entries in pandas 0.00
How to Get a Boolean from Another Table in Pandas 0.00
Count number of values of multiple columns per each column and addi... 0.00
How can I group by values if they are in different columns? 0.00
TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "list") to str -... 0.00
Compare one-hot-encoded column header and predicted labels 0.00
Python: list grouping -0.32
Finding product count respect to old history with pandas 0.00