An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.98 (4,384,792nd)
818 (180,924th)
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Title Δ
Pass function parameter variable through get or post from PHP on JQ... 0.00
Default vars in a method? -2.60
Check function for multiple input fields +0.26
Conditional on click function for table rows +0.32
Remove same values rows over different column mysql +1.57
Return true if and only if all values in array are true? -3.55
Jquery callback does not recognize jquery function call -3.36
Elegant way of asymmetrically combining 2 arrays in PHP +1.48
losing the value of child = window.load on parent page redirect +0.34
Elements aren't appending correctly to div box 0.00
Clear queue in jquery doesn't work for delayed show hide on hover +0.46
Can populating with $.each(..) "destroy" the ordering of... -2.66
Prevent Copy image in iOS web application -2.20
JavaScript beginner, help me fix things using Firebug -1.81
Have perl execute shellscript & take over env vars -2.58
Basic JavaScript/jQuery: how to return variable -1.77
ckeditor to resize with div 0.00
Create a JSON serialized object to make a $.postJSON call -4.18
how do offset top when using slideto with jquery 0.00
firebug: is it possible to save output to file? -4.24
jQuery selector vs. filter unexpected result +4.22
Drop event blocked by slidding div? 0.00
How to implement text selecting? 0.00
while showing a div it's always showing at top of page +0.10
Show and Hide a DIV with CSS or Javascript? -1.02
JQuery Tools: Can you nest non-ajax tabs inside of ajaxed tabs? +0.05
JavaScript - Detect if an image is present by using its src tag -2.61
CKEditor 3.0 Height 0.00
Last existing revision of deleted file in SVN 0.00
How can I change the Apache ErrorDocument from a Perl handler? -4.07
Custom jQuery event +3.64
co. corp. inc. regular expression -1.85
jQuery parent of a parent +0.76
Jquery 'this' keyword and selector's basic filters +4.61
Why does this AJAX request take so long when it should make multipl... +1.36
Show only one Ajax Indicator in a Page with a lot of them -3.97
Jquery sortable list won't serialize, why? -4.09
dynamically create radio buttons? +0.61
Simple ajax onclick question -3.80
jquery-ui dialog problem with .live +3.53
Get Hidden Field Value from Active jquery accordion +4.03
creating dynamic radio button w/ JQuery -2.00
jquery/js -- How do I select the parent form based on which submit... 0.00
Running subversion under apache and mod_python 0.00