An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1449.91 (4,405,724th)
5,829 (27,974th)
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Title Δ
How to initialize an object in TypeScript -1.38
(Angular 6) Data won't reloaded 0.00
Update to angular 5 throws Version of @angular/compiler-cli needs t... 0.00
Error CS1061 'DbContextOptionsBuilder' does not contain a d... 0.00
How do I get the controller and action from which a button was clic... +0.27
jquery copy submit value to text input +0.40
YII: how to display related table field on attributes? 0.00
how to download a file by just visiting a website? +0.27
Can I use libraries licensed under AGPL for commercial purposes -1.63
Passing values to onclick -2.66
How much time do you spend in JavaScript development ? And what do... -0.50
What is the best framework for web-development to start with? -1.55
vim fu, swapping parameters for a method call -2.74
How do I close a single buffer (out of many) in Vim? +1.52
calculate frequency on certain range -1.60
Programming languages that define the problem instead of the soluti... +2.00
Vim: Change start up directory? -2.39
JQuery conflict with an other JQuery library -3.60
log4j in grails : how to log into file? 0.00
What software programming language is like Ruby? -3.08
Counting the number of options tag in the Select Dom element in JQu... +5.45
What are the benefits of contributing to open source projects? -2.70
Display json variable via jquery -1.36
Gantt Chart - JavaScript / JSP / Java / Groovy / Grails -3.57
How can I reduce the redundancies in my jQuery code? -2.08
How to convince my boss to start the new project in latest version... -1.95
Which language should I learn between PHP and ASP.NET? -2.41
Java Date month difference +0.58
Why is '//' style multiline comment bad (in Java)? -2.36
What's the meaning of ORM? -2.16
Java Date - Insert into database -0.52
Advantages of web applications over desktop applications -1.07
sprites vs image slicing -2.86
Grails g:if and string comparison +4.26
what's the current best way to put audio and video on a web site? -3.60
what is the purpose of Offline mode in a web browser? +0.32
How to write a simple database engine +0.71
Should I Use a Framework While Learning Web Development -2.15
localhost doesnot connect in offline mode? -1.25
IT guy picking up programming - C#, Python, or Ruby -0.97
Why do I get a duplicate key error and what is this unique index []... +4.56
jQuery Traversing -1.42
show a div class on clicking a link -3.97
jQuery validator plugin without using form +4.13
Can anyone recommend a java web-framework for large application? -0.74
A good Business calendar library in Java? +1.14
Blog in CodeIgniter : Where Does the Model start, and the Controlle... -3.87
Removing unwanted characters from textbox with JQuery -2.25
Access javascript DOM objects in PHP -0.98
How to stop thinking "relationally" -2.21