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Burak Serdar

1561.60 (5,314th)
1,374 (117,839th)
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Title Δ
MongoDB go driver maintain sort order 0.00
Why Convert IRemoteFunction Interface Error ? How to Do? 0.00
Type safety with map, slice or channel types -0.97
time.Now() timestamp adds 000 at the end +0.41
Unmarshal JSON and differentiate between missing key and null value +2.01
Trouble figuring out data race in goroutine 0.00
function with mutex.Lock that returns before unlocking +1.27
Why does my type's String() method not get called when printing... +0.39
Convert slice of strings into well structured/keyed(?) JSON 0.00
Channel returns the same value twice on receive 0.00
finding a maximum value in arrays using channel (go routines) but f... 0.00
Overriding Default Behavior of a Go struct Method 0.00
Can buffered channel of size 1 give one delayed send of guarantee? 0.00
Where/how to construct objects in a go project with unit tests 0.00
Passing struct composites into function +0.41
Does go compiler "squash" functions? 0.00
Restart a docker base image's CMD service 0.00
Placeholders are not replaced +1.79
Tour of Go: Understanding the stringers exercise 0.00
Go exec.Command escaping chars 0.00
An issue with type-asserting and type-converstion 0.00
Threads does not work without volatile and reads the value from RAM... -2.05
how to create a pointer to reflect.Value -1.40
How to (deep) copy a string in Go? -0.18
Why is it recommended to return with the `error` interface in go ra... 0.00
What is the difference between subPath and mountPath in Kubernetes 0.00
How to create a linked list with a loop in it? 0.00
Understanding database/sql 0.00
Golang grpc.server: Understanding notions of server, and services -0.34
Converting map keys of type array to a 2D slice 0.00
closing channel quits multiple go routines? 0.00
How to unit test a Cobra CLI command which requires internal mocks? 0.00
Error when trying to set a struct variable to another 0.00
Efficient way to find out which command was called? 0.00
How to decode this json string +0.39
Substitute an interface for another one 0.00
when is it a good idea to reference a slice indice expression? 0.00
json.Marshal un-promoted field gets left out 0.00
Error when connecting to redis docker container 0.00
Basic between dates queries $gte, $lte, etc 0.00
Golang package level variables stored in memory? 0.00
What exactly is this "cast" doing in Golang? 0.00
Extra double quotes with backslashes when marshaling to JSON 0.00
what does ok means for and if loops 0.00
Use same methods across multiple structs 0.00
Is it a right usage calling SetReadDeadline in another routine? 0.00
Golang and deploy serve 0.00
MongoDB updateOne() returns "modifiedCount": 1 for simult... +0.40
inconsistency between different ways of appending to a slice 0.00
How can I check if the response header contains a certain string 0.00