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Burak Serdar

1558.81 (5,622nd)
1,374 (116,912th)
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Title Δ
How to insert a document if a filter returns nothing, otherwise rep... 0.00
How to assert a primitive.m to a map[string]string 0.00
Why does this code require me to include the size of the array in t... 0.00
Cond for-loop clarification 0.00
dataframe-go: How to filter using < > operators? 0.00
State machine in Go 0.00
golang copy function understanding 0.00
Kubernetes: Same node but different IPs 0.00
How ingress controller is providing dns names? 0.00
Map implementation - Code smell in Lookup() & Insert() 0.00
MongoDB summing field of document during query 0.00
Why boolean variable after While loop still true? 0.00
Structs and interface types 0.00
How can i catch the exception and continue without exiting the prog... 0.00
Assignment before declaration in golang net/http/server.go 0.00
for select group issue 0.00
Retype code but retain existing interface 0.00
How to append items to a map[string][]Struct 0.00
COPY failed: Forbidden path outside the build context 0.00
When is it necessary to provide a CA file? 0.00
Why can't I connect to this docker compose service? 0.00
How to implement an interface with functions sharing the same logic? 0.00
Clean way of writing several nested if-else with number ranges in Go -0.58
Copy files into kubernetes pod with deployment.yaml 0.00
A weird problem in <<Go Programming Language>> 0.00
Understanding memory layout for array and slice 0.00
Does "visible in the caller" mean the stack that invoked... 0.00
Golang data as interface{} panics +0.46
Slicing an array and string 0.00
Understanding concurrency better (with locks) -1.13
How to pass a parameter to a MiddlewareFunc? 0.00
How can I merge multiple overlapping date ranges and create new ones? +0.33
GraphQL Golang Authentication with JWT 0.00
(Java) Thread safety using Object wait() and notify() 0.00
Kubernetes: Outside endpoint as service -2.33
golang all goroutines are asleep - deadlock +0.41
Java 'final' instance variable - visibility and propagation... +0.39
Golang Stop Worker but wait for buffered channel to be empty -0.59
How can I target two services from a single service in a kubernetes... 0.00
Can't add new cobra CLI command when the file is inside a folder 0.00
Why these two errors are not equal 0.00
Is it safe to leave out ctx.Done() when using the Go Context package? -0.61
How do i beautify the output in json? -0.60
Cannot traverse folder using wait group 0.00
Recently copied file returns all 0s as byte array 0.00
Kubernetes: After port-forwarding, I can access a service via "... 0.00
How to keep only the last 20 elements of a slice 0.00
Convert Time since Epoch to HEX or Byte Array 0.00
Can functions with interfaces be passed as parameters? 0.00
Golang question Array sudoku - grid[i][j][0] +0.27