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Burak Serdar

1535.45 (13,506th)
1,374 (116,813th)
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Title Δ
How to return an array from Mongodb collection using findone 0.00
How to install Golang package locally that's referenced as a gi... 0.00
Golang sleep thread instead of busy waiting 0.00
How to build `cmd/compile` itself 0.00
Function handler GoLang using Standard Library 0.00
How to differentiate two custom struct types in Golang with same da... 0.00
Does a Go build include all project packages or only those used? 0.00
code execution flow at server side(golang) 0.00
Unexpected exception occurs during producer/consumer code in Java 0.00
Return true if a condition is met 0.00
How to manage connections returned by Accept() in golang? 0.00
Losing data with the goroutines 0.00
How to return an empty value in golang? 0.00
How I can update struct's array field value via reflect in Go? 0.00
anonymous struct fail to compile with composite literal 0.00
implement a generic argument method 0.00
Why not just assign value to target in method header.clone 0.00
cannot slice r.route (type *[]Route) 0.00
Can Interface method implementation "skipped" in Go? 0.00
Dynamic JSON Decoding 0.00
how to scale nginx but share same volume 0.00
Importing proto files and compiling 0.00
Error: interface conversion interface {} is []interface {}, not map... 0.00
Notify() does not work even though argument already met 0.00
Can slices reference difference arrays/slices in different index ra... 0.00
How do I validate/ read a yaml if I don't know the expected sch... 0.00
fmt.Sscanf doesn't properly read hexadecimal 0.00
Using not exported type from package 0.00
Making a struct thread safe using go channels 0.00
Is the annotation acme-issuer enoug... 0.00
I have a Middleware chain but the Request BODY work with the first... 0.00
What happens if I omit Java's volatile keyword? 0.00
How to marshal and unmarshal XML with irregular attributes 0.00
Understanding thread synchronization problem solution 0.00
Structures with Interface Members and Pointer Receivers 0.00
Understanding solution to Hilzer's Barbershop Problem 0.00
json: cannot unmarshal array into Go value of type struct 0.00
Share current html response(as is) with user input intact 0.00
Traverse struct with reflect, create new slice of pointer type with... 0.00
How can i pass []string as ...interface{} argument 0.00
How to create structs with `New` prefix confusion 0.00
Processes of a single threaded program 0.00
MaxHeap and MinHeap in the Go standard library 0.00
Golang channel do not close 0.00
Channel synchronisation with WaitGroup. Closing channel and Waitgroup 0.00
Race simulation fatal error: all goroutines are asleep - deadlock 0.00
Better way to store references in a map 0.00
How to pass byte slice between go routines using channels 0.00
How to calculate checksum of a file efficiently 0.00
How to use `fmt` in query with mysql 0.00