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Rating Stats for

Yves Daoust

1462.01 (4,527,384th)
38,985 (2,884th)
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Title Δ
How do you determine if a list of of points in 3D space are in cloc... +2.27
Difference in performance between the following two implementations... 0.00
Merging 2 close lines 0.00
Given generating points of a voronoi diagram; compute the vertices... +0.08
Most elegant way to store duplicate String elements with increasing... -0.86
Find the corners of a rectangle plate in a picture 0.00
Finding the angle between all positive and negative combinations of... -0.19
Why isn't every algorithm O(1)? +0.26
How to subdivide set of overlapping AABB into non-overlapping set o... +0.05
Big O complexity in recursive method +0.05
Is there a way to find same values in a set +0.39
Differential or intersection of islands of 2D polygons in different... 0.00
How consistent is image decompression across browsers? +0.55
How to find the same feature points within an image after print-sca... 0.00
Write BMP image -0.44
How to do template matching corrctly on the 7-Segments images? -0.46
Which mathematical function looks like this? 0.00
Fixing dihedral angles beyond 180 degrees limit to create smooth cu... -0.44
I don't understand why the j variable is assigned twice +0.86
Sorting an array in O(n) using dictionary? 0.00
Calculate arc length of piecewise cubic spline? 0.00
Getting the inverse of a 2d polynomial transform with numpy (for im... 0.00
Remove Curly lines from ID card 0.00
What does the logarithm code look like in C++? +0.02
Is This Big O Evaluation Correct? +0.07
Reverse image distortion 0.00
Affine transformation matrix for conversion between line and rectan... -1.27
What is the purpose of taking the largest number as an input when y... -0.38
Testing three points for collinearity in a numerically robust way +2.15
Finding the closest, "farthest" point from a set of point... -0.42
Checking for the intersection of a 4D line segment and a 4D convex... 0.00
How to match two segmentation masks with translation, rotation and/... 0.00
Line and circle intersection points -1.28
Camera correction for measuring objects size +0.56
First number that divides all numbers (1,2,...,100) -1.48
What is the use of bit manipulation? -1.87
calc Points of sphere +0.06
Computational complexity of Canny edge detector 0.00
Is there a way to "know" whether there is censor/blur on... 0.00
Silhouette below 3D model +0.75
mergesort algorithm misunderstanding +0.55
Why is the complexity of the binary search Log in base 2? +0.55
Fitting a transition + circle + transition curve to a set of measur... -2.08
how to find order of rectangles sorted by the overlapping (python) 0.00
finding the loop invariant for an algorithm +0.04
How to draw a line between a set of points while trying to satisfy... 0.00
Time Complexity when processing output -1.26
Big-O Notation and Time Complexity Confusion +0.04
How to find centroid of a polygon without cubing coordinates? 0.00
How to get the 10bit per pixel from a raw image file? 0.00