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Yves Daoust

1472.67 (4,389,006th)
38,985 (2,882nd)
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Title Δ
Calculate the position of moving circle when it touches a rectangle 0.00
How to find intersections of all line segments built on polygon ver... 0.00
Math problem unsolved with Python - Cannot find the right answer 0.00
C++ QuickSort implementation that sorts everything but a single ele... 0.00
What is the minumum info you need to tell if an object is a circle? 0.00
Detect if a bitmap's dimensions can be reduced without losing i... 0.00
Convert simple isometric image to 3D 0.00
Interpolation in marching square when lines are vertical and horizo... 0.00
Segmentation of Signature from Image with varying background colour 0.00
Calculating the inverse of the radius of a circle in R 0.00
Calculating the inverse of the radius of a circle in R 0.00
edge detection not working! last subscript in 2D array of pixels is... 0.00
Incorrect calculating of surface normal of a triangle in C++ 0.00
What does it mean for the k-means algorithm to be trapped in a loca... 0.00
Sorting text on an image by relative font size 0.00
Why do I get so precise floating-point number from std::cout? 0.00
Why is the big O time complexity for this questions is C? 0.00
Finding sum in less than O(N) 0.00
How to create/save 2bit images more efficiently? 0.00
Calculating sin function with JAVA BigDecimal -monomial is going bi... 0.00
Find the day before today's date and after today's date 0.00
How to understand the different camera convention in Computer Visio... 0.00
Check if a line drawn intersects or inside the existing polygon on... 0.00
OpenCV Python: retrieve rectangle main area from image then crop im... 0.00
Similarity between 2 Lines in 2D 0.00
Interpolated result of two sparse data sets (image matching) 0.00
Can we define two functions with same name but different parameters? 0.00
How to check if a location is inside a circle on a map 0.00
Identifying white crystals in a grey picture and creating a binary... 0.00
Calculating the area covered by at least one of three rectangles 0.00
Why to reduce code and only have functions called once? 0.00
find the outline of a roughly 2D mesh 0.00
Fastest way to find all solutions of the binary equation 0.00
How to remove white noise and Connected Component extraction in Ope... 0.00
Geometrical Modeling of a Rope 0.00
Can someone explain Hoare's partitioning scheme to me? 0.00
Image - detect low contrast edge 0.00
Efficient design for multiple pixel operations when decompressing a... 0.00
Ray/rectangle intersection in JS 0.00
Gdiplus on C++ configuration for binary image? 0.00
How could I determine the worst case in this code? 0.00
You have a list of integers, and for each index you want to find th... 0.00
Raw image Editing, Rotating and Saving back as Raw 0.00
c++ include header get failed 0.00
Big O Notation With Separated Procedures 0.00
Does cv2.Canny() perform a Gaussian blur? 0.00
Paring function - Output becomes exponential for big real inputs 0.00
string matching - best/worst case big-Oh complexity 0.00
Why my function that calculates pi number is freezing? 0.00
Determine if points are within a rotated rectangle (standard Python... 0.00