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Adam Wright

1609.04 (1,434th)
45,151 (2,327th)
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Title Δ
How return $this->address[$type] ?? []; work? 0.00
Error "Cannot use instance member 'haberUrl' within pr... +1.22
Insert a space to separate a database -1.90
I have written a findClosestPrime() in C++, but Xcode complains tha... -0.44
NSData with different content have the same hash 0.00
In-House Distribution Apple Tips (Help) +0.34
How to check iOS device chip is A9 or A10? 0.00
Permission denied publickey when using root but not when using norm... 0.00
Method cannot be declared public 0.00
JavaScript - Maintain Object key value order 0.00
Fork process in ruby and write to the same file 0.00
PostgreSQL query slow, what's the issue? +0.34
git rebase - cannot change 'pick' to 'reword' 0.00
My "Vigenere CS 50" project doesn't work well 0.00
Swift: Return class constrained with generic type 0.00
"Generic parameter 'Element' could not be inferred&quo... 0.00
Setting subview to non "transformable"? +0.35
c++ header file compiler issue (Sales_item.h) c++ primer example +0.35
Algorithm which creates all possible Latin squares 0.00
How to use Equatable protocol on two objects of an unknown type? -0.73
validate a string and make sure that it consists of specific charac... +1.24
How do I execute code once and only once in Swift? +1.07
Why didn't I receive linker error? 0.00
Why does my Objective-C dot accessor behaves differently with an im... 0.00
How to ignore letters big or small? 0.00
XCode strange behavior 0.00
reverse gravity effects in swift iOS SK 0.00
Autolayout : Resize view animation does not work 0.00
interview riddle (string manipulation) - explanation needed +0.34
How to know which Apps are in the background +0.35
iOS Parse table structure -0.15
How can I avoid multiple functions which do the same thing with dif... 0.00
Why does Swift closure syntax not accept the use of return when the... -0.93
How the control is going from one switch case to another without br... +1.71
Reskit parse multiple type of data for the same field 0.00
Swift - Weird coding-compliant error +0.38
Swift - Type 'MenuViewController' does not conform to proto... 0.00
Swift - Extension stored properties alternative -0.53
Objective-C to Swift, pointer coversion 0.00 many-to-many with attributes 0.00
Get a user-readable version of the class name in swift (in objc NSS... +0.35
Why does this program output 4, instead of 3? 0.00
How to obtain the perfect % of the battery of an iPhone with iOS 7 +0.42
Math shortcut for getting KBps from bytes and ms 0.00
Custom Subview on a iOS view has null outlets -0.41
Why doesn't C crash when I malloc wrong amount of memory +0.34
Objective C - NSMutableArrays - For each -0.98
Sprite Colliding With Screen Bottom? 0.00
How to set viewcontroller background image on iOS6 in 4 inch screen -0.53
Can you append code to an Objective-C block variable? -1.91