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1516.83 (39,248th)
1,065 (146,855th)
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Title Δ
How to convert string with spaces to integers array? 0.00
Inline code in C++: options and their advantages/disadvantages +1.72
How to copy a directory in C++, using std::filesystem::copy? 0.00
Why does shrink_to_fit (if the request is fulfilled) cause realloca... +0.98
Difference between std::lock_guard and #pragma omp critical +2.38
C++ Template: return larger value of two different types and preser... +2.46
How to reduce the value of C++ priority queue? +0.52
C++17 to_string() converts floats with comma +2.43
How to append or insert std::array elements into a std::vector? +0.75
Type deduction of ternary operator with mixed lvalue and rvalue usage -1.87
Undefined behavior when converting char to std::string c++ +2.07
Abstract class accessing its child class functions +0.36
Mapping type in cpp using template +0.49
Why is the execution of 2 threads slower than that of 1 thread in C? +0.44
Visual Studio C++ linker cannot open library file 0.00
Visual Studio 2019 c++latest random_device uniform_int_distribution... 0.00
How to set default value of a class type parameter in c++? 0.00
C++11 multi threaded producer/consumer program hangs 0.00
Blocking Queue - optionally block the reader/writer for a certain p... 0.00
Is using the result of an std::atomic fetch_add to index an array s... +0.03
implement stl vector constructor using iterator 0.00
C++ Convert 4 Hex Values to Float +2.42
C++ : vector subscript out of range? +0.90
Why does insertion sort stops working in this case? 0.00
Template parameters of function type with auto return type argument... -1.41
declare static member without definition 0.00
Reading Different Variable types from one File c++ 0.00
What is the difference between "using namespace Bar" and... -0.19
Recursive Collatz Function in C++ 0.00
Nested string replace using C++ 0.00
Static polymorphism with final or templates? 0.00
How to write function signature for accepting std::vector of any ty... +1.24
How to prepare a code for execution on a cluster so that it takes o... -0.50
how can i print reverse of a big 10 digit number by using arrays? +1.94
Comparing occurrences of characters in a string C++ +1.08
Pass a templated function as argument to another function -0.41
Optional class members without runtime overhead +2.54
How to transfer a table from a text file to C++ 0.00
asio::io_service::run doesnt return after boost::asio::io_service::... 0.00
I want to print the upper half of the butterfly pattern. What is wr... +0.51
A bit complex C2102: '&' requires l-value error +0.51
Why can't std::as_const(T &&v) move-return its argument? 0.00
Error of threads in C++ "static assertion failed" -1.40
how to iterate struct in C++? -0.37
Using the template only if the method exits -1.47
Why the same statement doesn't work for Class member in C++? -0.75
Inheritance with interfaces 0.00
When does the 'const' qualifier guarantee the variable to b... -0.33
WM_CLOSE message and application freeze +2.86
DLL not found despite static linking 0.00