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Nick Johnson

1561.20 (5,279th)
95,559 (802nd)
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Title Δ
What am I misunderstanding about password hashing? -2.21
Shortest Path Maximum Profit +1.01
Are Ethereum contract function securable? +0.25
Controlling recursion inside of an iterative loop +0.41
Runtime for a collision-detection algorithm +0.41
Step Based signal to smooth one - How can I interpolate? 0.00
Does the initialization vector (IV) for AES encryption in Java cont... 0.00
Password-protect hosted web app 0.00
Is SHA1 safe for hashing passwords when used with additional 128bit... 0.00
Get appengine account email from token -2.54
Computing an index that accounts for score and date within Google A... 0.00
Why does taking the salted hash of the mod of a hash result in a ve... 0.00
How to evaluate external go source code "dynamically"? -0.25
Ever see duplicate IDs when using Google App Engine and ndb? 0.00
How to get MD5 original message if partial message is known? -0.07
Does a Virtual Machine have to interpret Bytecode or can it interpr... -2.49
Safety of MD5 for obfuscating identifiers in program code 0.00
Are AppEngine datastore key_names preserved/sorted? +1.95
How to save a public key and private key securely in a binary? +0.80
Cracking SHA512 with known message and output 0.00
how to use blobstore.BlobReader more efficiently 0.00
Auto subscribe a user when signing up to app 0.00
Can I address a repeated property or a structured property using a... +0.41
Why are custom 404 handlers not supported in Google App Engine? 0.00
When doing a non ancestor query with a sort by key, will my result... +0.41
Google App Engine, changing character on ASCII table +1.91
Is there a way to make Google App Engine print out any and all Pyth... -2.41
Is big data suitable to frequent write data or frequently read data... +1.65
Why does Google App Engine Search return only the "best"... +1.49
How to output a BlobProperty from my model to a hex string -1.37
Per-kind namespace +1.50
Share sessions between versions/backends in google appengine 0.00
Can appengine send email from external SMTP server? -0.29
Woud there be less collisions from murmurhash or from taking 64 bit... 0.00
Is it possible to have a db model and an ndb model in the same enti... 0.00
datatore.put() not adding to db? +0.41
searching for searchers on appengine 0.00
Google datastore performance: 2 gets vs 1 filter query +1.63
Possible to test website with GAE over LAN in Mountain Lion? 0.00
Which GAE Database Property Fits a Tag Property? -0.08
Using memcache.add() instead of set() 0.00
Password encryption and decryption in Google app engine 0.00
How do i unit test in google app engine? +0.44
How to remove the Google App Engine default header when fetching a... 0.00
Is there a way to atomically run a function as a transaction within... -0.10
Check if numeric is reserved in App Engine Datastore 0.00
logging.fileConfig() acting weird on Google app engine 0.00
How can I get the Python Task Queue and Channel API to send message... 0.00
Google Search with Or condition -0.06
What is the exact datastore (and memcache) entity size limit, and h... 0.00