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1524.78 (24,184th)
650 (221,096th)
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Title Δ
Identify observations conditionally +2.33
How to merge 2 matrices to get a single data.frame +3.98
Eliminate a single row of a dataframe in R did not work +4.59
How to compare matrix dimensions? -0.19
removing columns in R matrix using column names - independent of or... +3.80
Create new column based on 2 reference string columns +4.83
Delete rows that are repeated for only some of the columns of the d... -3.79
Use of `anti_join` function in tidyverse 0.00
Combining counts of several similar nominal variables and forming a... 0.00
Complicated data formation +3.90
r data transform separate columns +0.93
Sampling from a dataframe and having to find proportions +0.98
Stacking columns by pair in R +1.43
How to retrieve label and value information for data in dataframe A... 0.00
multiple data frames with similar names 0.00
For loop to subset a list of dataframes 0.00
Is there a possibility to export data.frames stored insides two lis... 0.00
What is the most efficient way to correct text type data in a column? +4.77
Mutate across with ifelse and -2.43
Collapse duplicate row values and pivot wider non duplicate rows wi... -0.82
Combine nest() and aggregate() in R? -3.00
How do I split number in a column into two columns at certain lengt... -4.50
How to filter panel data to only include people who participated in... +3.97
group data by year and filter for all year +4.00
Using dplyr and lubridate to combine count and group by month and y... 0.00