An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1494.18 (4,302,292nd)
9,172 (16,842nd)
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Title Δ
Should I use "\r\n" or "\n" when generating tex... 0.00
Where to define sequelize associations 0.00
ruby why 0 || 1 is 0 -1.50
Filter array of strings against array +0.01
Get last of slice in each loop in rails -2.02
Regex to stop at a certain space in this fix message +0.51
In ruby what's the difference between object.class == and objec... 0.00
Clustering data based on distance 0.00
Is a double-level joins table possible? +1.87
Converting "Master List" style nested array into a nested... -0.18
Between SQL ActiveRecord -0.50
How do you add elements from one ArrayList to another? +0.49
Ruby hash iteration, index access and value mapping -0.51
How can I get no. of Swap operations to form the 2nd Array -1.54
How To Extract Any String If It Starts With An Uppercase Letter 0.00
Regex for Detecting words + parenthesis +0.01
Rails - Dealing with array of objects +0.50
Rails 4 x paper_trail: undefined method for nil:NilClass after dest... 0.00
Rails how do I search in the first and second part of a string in t... -2.05
Void value expression ruby using if +0.48
Reorder Array of Integers Around Key Integer +2.13
rails which is best place to save static html files 0.00
Properly build http get request in ruby +1.05
Using regex to go back to first occurence of character or string 0.00
Time ISO 8601 in Ruby 0.00
How to convert an String into Array in Ruby +2.20
Using includes in `has_many through` relationship -0.16
Regex to find pattern non-greedy +0.03
What is difference between Bootstrap and Rails? +1.02
Access byte code generated by ruby for sample program -0.32
Getting full word with Matchers / Patterns 0.00
Putting Variable with in single quotes? +0.04
Cycle through an array in Ruby -0.80
Rails: join an array with a new line between each component 0.00
Update hash with Rails 4 +2.38
What does `first: true` do while defining migrations in Rails? 0.00
Divide array into subarray -2.04
How to better this regex? +0.51
Rails Date Range Query 0.00
Reduce/Inject Operator in Ruby +0.49
Change value of Enumerator in Ruby 0.00
Ruby: Unexpected result from Hash.keys in multi-dimensional hash +1.36
How to use to_yaml method in Rails, and remove '---' 0.00
A sample regular expression -1.09
I don't understand how mixins works +0.19
Extend Model in Rails +2.23
Regex is matching % and ignoring spaces when I didn't expect it... -0.47
Check ICD10 via regex -0.08
How to encrypt the session cookie in rails 4 +0.51
Match a chunk of text inside <p></p> where certain tags... -0.03