An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Adam Batkin

1571.95 (3,726th)
40,418 (2,755th)
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Title Δ
Can find maven dependency on but not on repo.mave... 0.00
Wrapping a struct that borrows something 0.00
Why can't I convert a string "20L" to Long in Kotlin? 0.00
ObjectMapper parsing issue in rest template 0.00
Appropriate choice of stop sign for file that I'm reading with... 0.00
Unable to locate tools.jar Fedora 0.00
exception handling for closing reader and writer +1.01
JSON object returns undefined value +0.40
Java 8 Streams - Iterator doesn't work like expected +0.41
Porting a Dynamic Web Application from Eclipse to Apache-Tomcat for... 0.00
Send email with JavaMail +0.41
sync API calls in Node.JS 0.00
How to initiate connection with JDBC on OpenShift? -0.63
Update jQuery Chosen selected values with Angular -0.12
Maven SCM Plugin: Git SSH provider not found 0.00
Duplicate Enteries want to show 0.00
java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://lo... -0.46
Searching array for item. How to display position item was found at? 0.00
Quotes Messing Up Python Scraper 0.00
Array Sort in JS +0.39
Creating object with function in Node.js 0.00
How to create jar file with package structure? +1.43
SQL Server + Selecting records with sub tables items -0.12
Lightweight portable cross-platform client-server database 0.00
qt 5.0.1 mingw 32bit issue +0.38
What do ? and : mean in javascript -0.32
main() function not recognized -0.67
Compiler warns "Value of increment value (bar++) is used"... +1.58
Scope of Portability +0.40
Make iTerm2 launch with Zsh 0.00
calling exec* functions with a single command argument as possible... 0.00
nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Invalid parameter index 1 -0.11
Try to create a table from Select - SqL Server 2008 throws error -2.02
why can't we declare object of a class inside the same class in C++... +0.74
Adding "Http://" before my address +0.91
Update using CTE - Syntax error? +1.43
How do I add jar files to the Classpath? -1.98
malloc with huge multidimensional arrays, failing for a neuroscienc... +2.38
In Perl, how can I extract email addresses from lines in log files? +0.13
tcl string replacement +1.60
Multi language GUI - internationalization 0.00
Why am I getting this error only sometimes? 0.00
Http POST in Java (with file upload) +0.41
Forbids developer to use some API in Eclipse -1.67
Hibernate how to add restriction for filtering result by Integer id... 0.00
Activerecord find_by_sql does not output SQL query results +1.09
Shell time command source code? +2.34
How do I script a "yes" response for installing programs? -0.09
Hibernate update query -0.18
Changing a macro at runtime in C -0.06