An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1613.28 (1,302nd)
113,362 (598th)
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Title Δ
There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal... +1.07
C# JSON - Serialization of multiple objects of different types, tha... 0.00
Initialize value in dictionary only once, then just update 0.00
Is it possible to rewrite complex EF Core ".Include" call... -1.15
Is there a way to read an exact amount of split integers in C#? -0.05
Check for existing substring even when switched positions 0.00
How to await only last thread declared in a loop in C#? +0.34
How to make the user slect a specific file? (C#) -0.18
Passing an int to a class that is contained by another class 0.00
Count how many times certain words appear in a text with C# -0.41
How Do You Exclude Items From A Search Query 0.00
Why does this linq with reflection statement beat my compiled expre... +1.49
Access the element of array property in a generic list via C# LINQ 0.00
Access modifiers related to interface -1.69
Serialize Dictionary in C# from Json Dictionary +0.34
Using Namespaces instead of Nested Classes? 0.00
Which is better check the integer is 0 or check the variable is null? 0.00
Is the IEnumerable.OrderBy().First() optimisation in .Net Core 3.1... 0.00
Check the Type of an entire Collection in Java +0.34
The LINQ expression could not be translated (Generic class) 0.00
Looking to combine two methods with c# 0.00
How do I identify List fields using reflection and add new objects... 0.00
Entityframe Linq using Max and Min 0.00
Linked List Array Based Implementation- Print Method Not Compiling 0.00
LINQ get the average of columns and write to csv 0.00
What's the difference between these two functions 0.00
C# - LINQ Lambda expression using GroupBy - Why nested validations... 0.00
Array.filter works only once 0.00
Cannot instantiate cyclic dependency inside a service used by an in... 0.00
Null Pointer Exception after making copy of instance variable? 0.00
Why using ToLocaleString() and replace() doesn't work? +0.34
not understanding specific function 0.00
System.NotSupportedException : Unsupported expression: x => x +0.34
Can't escape apostrophe -0.17
Select First of Each Navigation Property 0.00
Linq query of of two objects with nested array 0.00
C# Performance is slow on list comparisons using LINQ +0.06
Initializing JsonSerializerOptions with Converters 0.00
C# - Using subclasses to implement interfaces 0.00
Create a new list by comparing a common property of two lists -0.11
Missing log statements in parallel foreach loop +1.45
System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMem... 0.00
How To Set New Cell Value With LINQ -0.16
Mocking verify DbSet failed with GetEnumerator unverified 0.00
Constructing immutable dictionary with inner immutable dictionary +0.33
C# object initializers - Include the constructor call parentheses? +0.34
Convert if and foreach statement to select and where in linq 0.00
Why is failed transaction not rolling back with TransactionScope? -0.67
Why [null, undefined, []] == ",," returns true -0.59
Generics in Java difference from non generics in Java 0.00