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William Prigol Lopes

1472.97 (4,388,526th)
16 (1,689,574th)
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Title Δ
Phpmyadmin showing mbstring is missing 0.00
Define Stata path at PHP runtime 0.00
TypeError: sequelize.transaction is not a function 0.00
postgresql sort by specific algorithm 0.00
Breadth first or Depth first -3.69
The difference link between "/usr/bin/npm" and " /us... 0.00
Sequelize – order by values presence 0.00
What's the most optimal way to find 4 consecutive equal chars i... 0.00
Wrong data in query, Laravel 0.00
date_format with sequelize mysql 0.00
How find with Sequelize results where column A > column B + colu... 0.00
postgreSQL - Incorrect query results 0.00
ERROR: Cannot add foreign key constraint- 0.00
Update one table by aggregating data of another table +5.16
SEQUELIZE: "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined... 0.00
Postgresql 10 query with large(?) IN lists in filters -1.73
return value from while loop in php +4.35
How to deduct a delete in postgresql -3.62
Raising performance of BFS in Python -3.70
Sequelize associate not creating foreign key -3.77
can't understand subquery code using where and group by -2.38
Sequelize Op.or order by exact match first 0.00
How to execute a query with a column name passed as parameter to a... +5.88
PHP autoload debugging with and without composer 0.00
Pearson Correlation returns 0 on exact matchs 0.00
Many-to-Many association throws "A is not associated to B"... 0.00
How to select a date range *and* the entries immediately before and... 0.00
Simple aggregate query running slow 0.00
SQL query to get "calculated" column is_admin for users,... 0.00
Is it possible to declare and use $1, $2, etc values in a Postgres... 0.00
Connect SQL Server database to PostgreSQL 0.00
How to append nodejs sequelize model list of json field 0.00
Weak Entity postgresql 0.00
UTC is different on 2 servers for same database +4.70
Kafka stops after a certain period of time, lost brokers 0.00
How to substract values in order to have a positive result in an SQ... 0.00
PostgreSQL MIN and MAX function doesn't return one result -3.44
I can't get the results of the interrogation.(postgresql and php) 0.00
Is there a PostgreSQL function that let's me take a large strin... -3.72
Postgres: Count all INSERT queries executed in the past 1 minute +2.01
Should we run a Kafka node with 3 replicas or 3 Kafka nodes with 1... -3.91
Kafka brokers down with fully written storages 0.00
How do I insert/escape a regex string to store in jsonb column? -3.81
Dynamic Column Names in PostgreSQL Query 0.00
Effect of using operators in to_tsquery() +0.17
ubuntu Run script with parameter - as keyboard shortcut gnome 0.00
Can I calc sum with help of window function? 0.00
Change materialized view to regular view 0.00
Debezium: No maximum LSN recorded in the database; please ensure th... 0.00
Similar to with regex in Postgresql 0.00