An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1489.56 (4,422,783rd)
652 (220,404th)
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Title Δ
Bash: Regex: Matching if a string is a remote host for rsync -1.64
Getting values from scala futures +4.15
In a Linux environment, which permission is related to downloading... 0.00
Functions / methods in Scala. How does this work? +2.31
shell script to compare same directories in different host 0.00
delays just after bootup on CentOS7.5 +0.18
Scala generic function that converts string to generic type -2.44
How to redirect debug output line by line into text file after play... +4.11
regex for exclude some sub folders that match with a starting string 0.00
How to convert a shell script (bash) to Scala code? -1.14
Writing error code and its string message: Scala 0.00
Multiple availability zones with terraform on AWS -3.63
Filter list of dictionariers and print value in Ansible/Jinja -3.20
bash interactive line replacement -3.99
Reduce boilerplate in class inheritance -3.06
Regular Expression in Find command +3.71
Run sudo as specific user without password +1.78
Linux: Pipe `find` text file list | `dos2unix` | `dd` command +0.38
Linux bash scripting: sorting a list to use -3.38
Shell Script to generate next hundred ip addresses +0.08
how scala treat companion object? +2.25
Openldap logs not getting generated 0.00
Explanation of Scala LinkedList code 0.00
File Name comparision in Bash -1.41
foo[E1,E2,...]* glob matches desired contents, but foo[E1,E2,...]_*... -3.78
redirect the result of a program +5.49
To check if a given string contains a substring without using conta... -3.74
Removing html tag with a specific class, but not the content using... +0.02
Change one part of the selection with Regex +0.04
Twos complement of decimal number 0.00
Time complexity of double invarient for loops -0.94
Regex After Last / and Before period +4.33
Bash script ends without doing echo -4.04
Comparing coordinates of two array indexes -2.00
how to parse everything that comes after 'P' with java patt... -2.71
Regular expression return one result on two 0.00
sed: Replace char with string containig newline which is saved in a... -2.13
PHP logic to compare a session id in shopping cart? +3.94
PHP Classes - global or __construct -1.33
php preg-match number which has form of 8-digit date string + “.” +... 0.00
How to fix a regex that attemps to catch some word and id? +4.80
Bash script, command - output to array, then print to file -2.21
Calculating Average from a CSV File +3.01
Understanding Java recursion using Eclipse's debugger -4.25
How can one make a secure gap-fill password system? 0.00