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1498.73 (3,826,018th)
43 (1,121,033rd)
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Title Δ
Common elements by columns in high-dimensional matrix -0.48
summarise column and add it's common values in R +0.00
Convert a cross-distance matrix from class "Crossdist" to... -1.87
Re-order data frame to be consistent -1.57
Creating two columns of cumulative sum based on the categories of o... -0.59
Trying to downsize a dataframe by increasing the timestep in R 0.00
Using dplyr to categorize object in two columns of dataframe -0.16
Create a categorical variable -1.04
Selecting distinct values of a column with specific values of other... -1.89
Create grouped edge lists 0.00
Matching variable names +1.95
Replace NAs values within a column according to consensus value in... -1.90
Substitute values from one data-frame to another +2.12
Remove rows for each unique identifier based on value of a variable... +0.12
How to combine elements in a complicated list in R? +0.12
How to get one row per unique ID with multiple columns per values o... +0.51
Slice long data with specifications in r +1.32
From cross correlation to column format in R -1.34
Order data table of users navigation paths based on previous page (... +0.53
R Lookback few days and assign new value if old value exists -1.86
combining elements in a list of lists in R +0.07
R group_by one variable or (not and) another 0.00
Comparing a vector against each element of another vector +1.97
Convert a list of data frames to a flat data table in R +0.24
Struggling with simulating N rolls for K dice +0.01
How I can sort this data out in R +1.28
for loop in R nested in another one +0.18
How to find pattern match in the occurrence of two separate columns... +0.58
Eigenvalue decomposition in R 0.00
how can I rbind two dataframe that has different variables -1.20
r: ifelse() based on whether last digit of as.character is odd or e... -1.43
R - how to extact information from 2 columns +2.31
r: Split a row with several items into one column by an id -1.38
Replacement in data frame result in R +0.48
In R, how do I append a categorical variable from one column if two... +2.24
Add a vector of strings as new columns in a data.frame? 0.00
r - retain rows when certain condition is met in column -1.15
R: keep c2 values long, use c1 values as column names -0.65
Using "for" loop in r with a table +0.76
How to aggregate by the number of rows -1.73
Count number of similar objects in two lists in same column -1.83
How to normalize a vector in r 0.00
Defining a piecewise function with if and else statements in Rstudio 0.00
Quick way to use the row element as name and the value as column in R +2.42
Delete rows based on values in R +0.34
Determine length of sequences between columns or in string - and pa... -0.94
Dividing the total row in R by the number of full rows -0.93
Sequential numbering in nested groups with common values in R +1.37
How can I find all possible combinations of vectors that multiply t... +0.50
write into expression without using if else +0.20