An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Eric Z Beard

1526.10 (22,578th)
27,805 (4,517th)
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Title Δ
pig to add column based on value in another column 0.00
How can I do joins given a threashold in Hadoop using PIG -0.04
Pig HbaseStorage customization -0.25
PHP converting utf8 Æ (195 134) to 198 -1.87
Google chart API labels 0.00
Is there any telephony framework in linux? +0.34
Nested Comments in MongoDB +0.04
Datetime has too many decimal places 0.00
Step-by-step instructions for updating an (SQL Server) database? -0.67
Strangest language feature +0.18
Date of last login or read operation on a SQL Server database? -1.51
Deleting Database Rows and their References-Best Practices -0.80
Converting web app to be ime zone savy -0.77
Explain this obscure ASP.NET bug -2.20
Database Change Management using hand generated scripts +0.27
How to Access Cursor Columns Without FETCH .. INTO +1.65
Do stored procedures have the ability to delete a file from the OS? -0.53
why are there so many tools/technologies to do same task in open-so... -0.75
How do I get SQL Server Management Studio to stop processing on an... -1.17
C# SIP Stack/Library +0.10
DB Connections in ASP.NET, MySQL vs. SQL Server -0.55
Code reuse and modularity in SQL +0.72
SQL Identity Column out of step -0.36
Can SQL CLR triggers do this? Or is there a better way? -1.53
Listing all indexes +1.09
Different execution plan when executing statement directly and from... 0.00
Hiring a SqlServer OLTP Specialist, What experience or requirements... +0.92
SQL Delete (Suspended in activity monitor) -0.54
SQL Server linked servers +0.15
Should I commit or rollback a read transaction? -0.41
Is this a good way to model address information in a relational dat... +0.61
Easiest way to import data from My Sql to Sql Server -0.08
Creating a long string from a result set -1.73
SQL Query without nested queries +0.45
Best way to see what files are Locked in Subversion -0.93
Will the GAC fix an ASP.NET/IIS6.0 System.OutOfMemoryException? +0.21
What is the worst gotcha in C# or .NET? +0.83
Why would I want to use Interfaces? +0.46
Web Application Time Zone Issue -0.75
Referencing tables -0.71
How to delete a row from a GridView using non-visible data? +1.77
SQL procedure running time widely divergent -1.88
PIVOT in sql 2005 -0.44
How can I get the size of the Transaction Log in SQL 2005 programma... +0.46
ASP.NET - ObjectDataSource: using multi-select ListBox as ControlPa... 0.00
SQL Server Regular expressions in T-SQL +0.46
What are some of the advantage/disadvantages of using SQLDataReader? -0.69
Determine Time Zone Offset in T-SQL +0.44
Functions vs Stored Procedures +0.63