An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1736.16 (49th)
299,512 (112th)
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Title Δ
Handle push notification on background 0.00
Iterator on several sets +0.50
UUID.fromString causing "invalid long" +2.06
Notification push receiver android( manifest?) +0.02
404 error on creation of notification_key in User Notifications in... 0.00
apple push notification servicce ssl certificate expired? 0.00
How to do GCM Registration from broadcastReceiver? -2.03
Get Device Token List for APNS Service 0.00
GCM messages Reception in Android Application 0.00
Calling a calculated variable from a class +0.21
Decide what touching Notification icon does +0.53
Intercepting push notification android c2dm from another applicatio... 0.00
StackMob failing to send broadcast push notification because of &qu... +0.01
Editing an application contains cloud messaging developed with c2dm... 0.00
Register GCM from a library project 0.00
unable to connect to Google Cloud Connection Server 0.00
How to fix Google Cloud Messaging Registration error: SERVICE_NOT_A... +0.30
Google cloud messaging, unable to initialize receiver 0.00
Error while writing a Google CCS server in node using node-xmpp 0.00
iOS push notification alert with three buttons 0.00
Android Phonegap GCM Multiple Notification 0.00
Batch / multiple iOS Push Notification code - works for 2 devices,... 0.00
how to properly send push notifications 0.00
How to implement MQTT in this particular usecase of Android? 0.00
ios handle pushnotification in background +1.99
GCM pushnotification using urban airship library -0.48
PHP APNS One token fail 0.00
Android PushNotification From Json URL -0.95
Google Cloud Messaging Server key whitelist IP addresses with auto... 0.00
Handle registration id changes in GCM client +1.85
Android push notification error in Corona +0.02
Android 4.x devices receive GCM messages, but Android 2.3 devices D... 0.00
Google C2D_MESSAGE Application does not define permission? +0.03
Should I call close method on GoogleCloudMessaging instance explici... 0.00
Apple push notification questions -2.35
GCMBaseIntentService callback only in Root Package 0.00
How to get value from excel file? -0.51
No NotRegistered message for an uninstalled registration_id 0.00
Android push notification not getting registration id 0.00
How to use Google Cloud Connection Server to send upstream GCM mess... +0.25
canonical registration id gcm 0.00
How to parse GCM respond to remove invalid registration id from ser... +0.51
Bad payload for some tokens 0.00
What is the primary usage of upstream messaging in GCM Cloud Connec... 0.00
Android - Push Notification are ON? +0.51
Javac error when creating GCM demo app (Google App Engine Java/Wind... 0.00
Transferring Strings between two Hashmaps and an ArrayList 0.00
Remove Tapped Notification from Notification Center 0.00
XMPP (Openfire) Push Notifications Android +0.52
Does GCM Cloud Connection Server (CCS) store messages 0.00