An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1510.18 (67,136th)
149 (543,657th)
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Title Δ
VSCode: Can I open individual files instead of workspaces? +4.07
Is this IntStream partioning implementation really not thread safe? +4.31
How to select a a pattern from notepad++ or any other text editor? 0.00
How to solve this matrix problem to collect all the seeds? -2.10
To use subclasses only for semmantical purposes? 0.00
Variable definition to boolean value conversion in C++ -1.57
why virtual functions can't be static and global? 0.00
Compare between two arrays +1.62
Java GPIO deconstructor 0.00
How to get my Dark Mode switch to work on each click? -0.19
How to revert a shell command? Overwritten the "pwd" comm... +4.03