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1729.50 (63rd)
253,045 (160th)
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Title Δ
Want to remove a row from the tableview and delete the correspondin... 0.00
how to set a IBAction action on a button 0.00
Getting Calendar weekday symbols consisting of no more than two let... 0.00
Enum as a key for dictionary 0.00
Terminating With Uncaught Exception Of Type NSException Timer Swift... 0.00
UIApplication.shared.delegate equivalent for SceneDelegate xcode11? 0.00
Filtering objects array with an inside array with another array 0.00
if statement with function calls to optionals 0.00
I am trying to save an SKLabelNode which is the highscore label but... 0.00
Cannot convert value of type '()' to expected element type... 0.00
Why does Xcode think this is an optional? 0.00
How to assign tableview cell count value to programmatic UILabel? 0.00
Read text from all rtf files in directory and create master file sw... 0.00
UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend key issue. How do I fix it? 0.00
How do I easily support light and dark mode with a custom color use... 0.00
Convert string elements to int elements in an array in swift 0.00
Open sqlite database multiple times or single time? 0.00
layoutSubviews() is ran every time the cell is tapped 0.00
Swift: NSAttributedString & emojis 0.00
Using systemBlueColor as a button background 0.00
Xcode 11 tableview crashes on launch 0.00
Get individual elements while matching a regex 0.00
I am trying to create a function that increases an employees salary... 0.00
Display the percentage of scroll next to the scroll bar in a UIWebV... 0.00
Override Equatable and Hashable in Swift 0.00
How to do corners right with Cocoa Touch (iOS) Graphics Context Dra... 0.00
Append Array To UserDefaults Without Removing Original UserDefault... 0.00
how to save the index and title of a segmented control in core data 0.00
How to write SQL Select Query with a variable in Swift? 0.00
UIImageView perspective tilt 0.00
is there an ios app development age rating official definition page? 0.00
@objc' can only be applied to an extension of a class , calling... 0.00
Swift 4: validating credit card expiration date 0.00
Filter an array of objects based on field name 0.00
How to pass NSMutableDictionary as a reference? 0.00
Dispatch Group wait stuck forever 0.00
Swift Convert date string to Date 0.00
How to create a regular expression to find out repeated character i... 0.00
How to create a cross dissolve animation when switching between tabs 0.00
How should I use DispatchGroup for two url requests? 0.00
Parsing using decodable when value of a dictionary is an array of s... 0.00
How can I change this line in order to eliminate for loop? 0.00
Detect numeric year from string using Swift 0.00
How do I convert a string to camelcase 0.00
Swift exit for loop from within an autoreleasepool? 0.00
Convert a swift sorted method to objective-c 0.00
Why can such code be compiled? Call popToRootViewControllerAnimated... 0.00
How can I maintain custom UITableViewCell's internal control la... 0.00
Use truncatingRemainder() method in Obj-c 0.00
How to use extern across methods 0.00