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1725.60 (69th)
118,459 (241st)
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Title Δ
moving things after a transition change in Swift -0.28
Works fine when healthkit access was previously authorized on devic... -0.26
How to decide if a statement needs to be placed in 0.00
Get all Glyphs of a UIFont that have a descender 0.00
Is there a way to reduce number of Swift code lines? +1.71
Cannot assign value of type 'IndexPath' to type 'Int' +1.23
Button Handler Syntax for Dismissing ViewController in IOS 0.00
Keyboard height incorrect on iPad 0.00
Swift HUD with an Synchronous API download 0.00
How to make sure that an image doesn't disappear when tapped to... 0.00
Calendar.current.isDate equalTo toGranularity: Calendar.Component.D... 0.00
Word cutting off between lines in button 0.00
Creating a selector with variable of function type 0.00
Better method of setting UITableView cell types for specific cells 0.00
Detect when view controller appears from pop 0.00
Swift delegate protocol not calling +0.22
Setting image for a cell if index.row is in my array 0.00
Correct way to handle deprecated API 0.00
present UIAlertController while a presentation is in progress 0.00
Adding time to date picker date and time results in same date and t... 0.00
Why two-phase initialization isn't working for the class in swi... 0.00
SLIDER in MapKit - How to implement ZOOM with UISlider? 0.00
String(contentsOf: URL) returns "No such file or directory" 0.00
Error message: Value of type 'Int' has no member 'frame... 0.00
Get Locale Date Format Information 0.00
How to fix the 'CGAffineTransformScale' has been replaced b... 0.00
using an array to subset an array in Swift4 0.00
How to nested component to component through UIkit? 0.00
Remove cells if titleLabel.string / cell content is empty +0.88
How to encode url string properly to avoid question mark (?) from b... 0.00
How to redirect to Google map if installed, otherwise redirect to A... -0.28
Substrings in Swift 4 +0.07
How to get the today's and tomorrow's date in swift 4 +0.61
Swift embedded HTTP server connects on Mac but not on iPhone 0.00
Setting title when requesting permissions? +0.22
Can't do regex matching on object using an NSPredicate on a UIT... 0.00
How to escape bracket characters in a Swift Regex when your delimit... 0.00
How can I store CMTime in UserDefaults and then parse it? 0.00
Objective C: Best way to determine if a dictionary key inside an ar... 0.00
Xcode environment variable inaccessible after a manual close and re... -2.76
How to prevent URLComponents().port from adding a question mark bef... +0.22
UICollectionViewCell alpha not changing when using '.reloadItem... -0.76
Swift date manipulation - strange month return 0.00
How to fix date formater after adding 30 days to date 0.00
How to convert binary representation string of 0/1 to string? -2.97
Too long time for converting html data in a NSAttributedString. Any... 0.00
Swift UIButton action and GestureRecognizer 0.00
How do I get a popup to only show once a day in Swift? 0.00
How to format date in 09-Nov-2014 format with DateFormatter in iOS... +0.19
Swift XML Parser not firing properly 0.00