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1745.91 (39th)
118,459 (241st)
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Title Δ
Create an array object from string array 0.00
Simple validate condition based on 3 values -2.65
How is the editButtonItem object instantiated? -3.33
Determine if a string only contains invisible characters in Swift -3.06
NSmutablestring with 2 line breaks crash the program 0.00
Put structs in an array -0.81
Value of optional type 'Date?' not unwrapped; did you mean... -0.31
Set image just one time on NavigationBar Swift 0.00
How can I call a function with a dictionary? +0.36
Attempting to send data from a UIPicker to Firebase Database 0.00
Remove non numeric characters from string having multiple float val... +1.27
Binary operator '|=' cannot be applied to two 'UIAccess... +1.09
Date from Calendar.dateComponents returning nil in Swift +2.21
Type 'NSNotification.Name' has no member 'UITextField&#... +0.19
invalid context 0x0 within custom UIView - follow-up question +0.19
IOS/Objective-C: NSTimer without handler possible in objective-C? 0.00
Swift iOS: -How to exclude .livePhotos from inclusion in the PHFetc... 0.00
Swift - If user enters from 1 to 100 then display random message +0.19
Trying to loop over an array of Custom class objects +0.96
What would tableView.reloadRows(at: [indexPath], with: .none) to cr... 0.00
Clicking "Done" on keyboard to dismiss keyboard, but it w... +0.19
Swift optional parameters in implementation of Binary Search +0.95
swift 4.1 ISO8601DateFormatter doesn't parse dates passed by MR... 0.00
How to use NSURL:setResourceValues() in Swift 4.1? 0.00
Why can i not append an element to a struct? 0.00
Search Bar search through numbers and not only names with Contacts 0.00
iOS - @available does not guard availability here; use if (@availab... -0.31
Remove leading characters and zero in swift -0.71
swift 4 UITableView Footer, absolute bottom +0.19
Getting all list of items and passing it into an array 0.00
TabbarController child controller always return nil - Swift 4 +0.96
CloudKit, NSPredicate to return a count or determine if any records... 0.00
Swift 4.2 Search contacts with Search Bar using Contacts Framework 0.00
Why Swift disallows weak reference for non-optional type? 0.00
Swift 3 - How to read a json output from an index that contains a s... 0.00
How can I get correct timezone in iOS if user manually sets a diffe... 0.00
CKQuerySubscription: Failing to Make Subscription 0.00
swipe gesture recognizer in another class +0.20
How can I use DispatchGroup to look up photos and store in UIImage... 0.00
Figure out which UnitType (liter / gallon) is the systems default 0.00
Using UISearchbar with JSON to filter the result 0.00
Swift: Selector with @escaping closure return EXC_BAD_ACCESS 0.00
Swift last(:where) element in an array +1.31
Reference sender in UITapGestureRecognizer action 0.00
Call method on all the existing instances of UIViewController -0.08
Searching and Modifying NSMutableArray object with updated values 0.00
Swift 4 - String Conversion to Capital Case During Decoding +0.19
Bool.hashValue valid to convert to Int? +0.17
Trying to print entire array but only last one is printing into tex... +0.19
Check multiple values in array +0.97