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1729.50 (62nd)
244,268 (160th)
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Title Δ
How to get Slider value in Playgrounds? 0.00
UIStepper won't register any event -0.29
In an array containing objects, changing one item's property do... 0.00
"Argument passed to call that takes no arguments" when cr... -1.13
CHCSVWriter memory usage for writing bigger CSV files 0.00
iPad: Have child navbar be a different color than the main navbar 0.00
Why is this only inserting the first values from the array? 0.00
Swift concurrent operation slower 2x times 0.00
Displaying table view rows from object - iOS Swift 0.00
Why can I redefine variable name from parameter? +1.46
Value of type 'SKNode' has no member 'texture'. But... 0.00
How to get access to ViewController's property from AppDelegate... +0.43
Issue With ImagePicker And Assigning To ImageView 0.00
How to get the localised languages of my iOS app? 0.00
Loading images from a URL and storing them locally using Swift4 0.00
Cannot convert ZoneConfiguration to ZoneOptions 0.00
How to get nested value in Xcode configuration files? +0.21
How to initialize a cell with text using init 0.00
view.addSubview(: ) Not working in swift playgrounds 0.00
Cast Array<Any> to Array<Int> in Swift +0.71
[UIView setText:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0.00
Get name of file that is double-clicked on to launch a macOS app 0.00
Swift: Can't use navigationController.pushViewController inside... -0.29
Xcode I Tableview viewItemWithTag cannot cast from UITableViewCell... -0.91
MFMailComposeViewController delegate not working on swift 4 0.00
Change colour of text in textview +0.21
Swift - Importing Custom File 0.00
Update UIlabel text with a String 0.00
Retrieving an array of dictionaries from UserDefaults 0.00
How to set default UITextField values through view did load 0.00
Remove leading zero with date formatter objc 0.00
Increment UILabel from UserDefaults value - Swift +0.21
Is it possible to write a Swift Extension for UIDatePicker.Mode 0.00
Find difference in two dates in iOS +0.40
Alamofire.upload SwiftLint violation 0.00
App crashing on selecting media from library with exception that a... 0.00
Can I reset CFBundleShortVersionString -0.29
map high order function format in swift +0.21
Converting a function to deal with Double and Float... using Floati... +1.21
Can a struct in swift have a copy constructor 0.00
Created UItextfield programmatically, how to get text later in Swift? +0.21
Can ViewController be generic which contains IBOutlets etc? +0.21
Pass Swift variables to JavaScript in a web view 0.00
Obj-c - reload tableView with updated NSMutableArray 0.00
Table view same cellForRowAt usage for two different cell 0.00
swift iOS: create UIDocument in app documents folder -0.77
'init()' is unavailable MusicKit 0.00
"Saved photo" alert popping up before the user allows per... +0.21
Is there a way to use multiple key selector to sort with UILocalize... +0.21
Allow Backspace with character set +0.21