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1734.75 (51st)
118,459 (241st)
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Title Δ
URLSession Error when Downloading file failed because of less memor... 0.00
How to create Gradient border with rounded corners at UIView in Swi... -0.29
UITextfield limit with no special charecters ios objective c +0.47
Why won't the colors to these boxes change when button is click... 0.00
Swift : textFieldShouldBeginEditing function fix +0.20
Cannot assign to property: 'width' is a get-only property 0.00
NSWindowController designated initializer puzzle 0.00
Singleton Dispatch not waiting for other groups 0.00
presentingViewController not working 0.00
Parsing JSON in swift 4 with nested unkown ids +0.20
Swift Switch Statement -3.00
Custom UIBezierPath in swift (Arc trouble) 0.00
"Adjacent operators are in non-associative precedence group &#... 0.00
Deprecated application:openURL method - iOS 0.00
iOS Swift how to have DateFormatter without year for any locale? +0.76
Swift 4 - How can I get dateTime format to Unix format? 0.00
Using WebViews With Firebase Database 0.00
CloudKit, Failed to modify some records - Zone Not Found 0.00
How to add custom message while accessing user location? 0.00
Swift: Moving the rearrange button to top-left 0.00
Swift: Cannot convert value of type 'Int?' to specified typ... 0.00
Purge/Clean all user iCloud records for CloudKit container 0.00
Saving Int to UserDefaults when starting at 0 +0.28
How can I make this UIBarButtonItem Bold? +0.21
Fill circle border with gradient color using UIBezierPath 0.00
get iOS default camera pic size 0.00
tableView.dequeueReusableCell opens wrong ViewController +0.94
Setting variable equal to if statement condition 0.00
iOS 12 not supported by Xcode 9.4 : Could not locate device support... -0.80
Getting directions between two points in google maps iOS SDK 0.00
Get current month date in date components +0.87
iOS (Swift): representing scaled value as UIColor 0.00
How to set fill color property of custom UIView (a circle) from Vie... 0.00
How to convert ISO 4217 code to currency code in swift +0.20
Parsing CloudKit Error (CKError) 0.00
swift: how to replace if else on switch case statements +1.00
Replicating Array.reduce() method 0.00
Insert Rows At Index Path Crashes But Not Reload Data +0.21
iOS 11.4 component not in list for Xcode 9.4 0.00
How do I use the updated UIImagePickerControllerDelegate iOS 12 API? +0.78
Swift - Get case and value in enum with parameters 0.00
Index out of range: Mapping the output of a 3-input function to a 3... +0.99
NSNumberformatter add zeros to decimal part +0.21
Add a string to top of the file 0.00
Swift - How can I convert UNIX time to weekday with an option to of... 0.00
How to use CFNumberFormatterRoundingMode in Swift +0.21
xcode: how to turn off the treat warning as error only for archiving 0.00
Cannot convert Data to NSDictionary +0.21
Swift Draw Custom Circle 0.00
How does Swift decide which function to execute if functions are al... -0.55