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1730.99 (68th)
259,544 (163rd)
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Title Δ
Why 'Z' is at the end of date while converting from UTC to... 0.00
If I put a try statement in a for loop, where does the catch go usi... 0.00
Adding System Image to navigation bar programmatically 0.00
Change UIButton Color With Defined Color 0.00
Does the delegate property have any special meaning? 0.00
MacOS Catalina UDID Copy for iPhone 0.00
Difference between "didBecomeActive" and "willResign... 0.00
UITableView insert row decoration 0.00
How to transfer an object with delegation pattern to another VC? 0.00
How to fix wrong indexPath returned by didSelectRowAt? +0.76
Getting IndexPath Of CollectionViewCell On Button Touch 0.00
How to resolve 'scanLocation' was deprecated in iOS 13.0 +0.21
How to prevent appending data to an existing cell on drag drop of t... 0.00
How to check how many times a specific day occurs between two dates? 0.00
UIView animation not working when dismissing keyboard for textfield 0.00
Using Selectors in a View Controller with objc exposed functions lo... 0.00
for loop in titleForRow in pickerView not working 0.00
Adding to email message body after the user selects send | Swift 0.00
How to get initialised SELF from a static init method +0.66
How to add `toggleSidebar` NSToolbarItem in Catalyst? 0.00
'SSLClose' is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 13.0 - No... 0.00
macOS Catalyst Application not showing up in iTunes/App Store Conne... 0.00
Converting rgb to hex in Swift 0.00
Alternative UIActivityViewController save dialog for Mac Catalyst o... 0.00
UIGraphicsBeginPDFContextToFile with options dictionary crashing app 0.00
What is this kind of timestamp called and how do I convert it to hu... 0.00
How to use new Scene Delegate in Xcode 0.00
textfield count show previous character after deleting character us... 0.00
Using UIScenes in iOS 13, how do I AirPlay Mirror a screen (seems t... 0.00
How to change the window title in a Mac Catalyst window scene? 0.00
How to access an anonymous parameter within a method? 0.00
Is it possible to use full screen in Mac Catalyst? 0.00
[NSDictionaryI setObject:forKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to in... 0.00
UITableViewCell set contentView backgroundColor with more than one... 0.00
Unable to obtain AVCaptureDevice 0.00
Is there a way to only activate the cancel button on a search bar w... 0.00
How can I set black color to my label background color when dark mo... -1.18
How can I display different content on different screens in iOS 13? +1.06
Is there a way to send the user to the app's privacy settings u... 0.00
How can I conditionally compile code for Catalyst? 0.00
Change Devices parameter of iOS project programmatically 0.00
How to use Closure to recycle code in Swift? -1.05
Setting a delegate for UITableView Cells 0.00
How to pass a parameter of type NSMutableString 0.00
Swift: trouble with Arrays of classes +0.21
Override light/dark mode launch screen on iOS13 0.00
NSMutableArray new with Protocol type +0.96
iOS13 on Xcode 11 Black screen even after adding SceneDelegate and... 0.00
popover permittedArrowDirections = .left/.right messes with popover... 0.00
Get returnKeyType text for UITextField 0.00