An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1741.85 (45th)
118,459 (241st)
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Title Δ
Swift Async print order? 0.00
Issue with CLLocationManager and CLLocationManagerDelegate 0.00
How to use a switch statement on something like UITraitEnvironmentL... 0.00
Detect long press on tableview 0.00
Best way to determine lowest possible iOS / macOS deployment target 0.00
Reverting a sorted array back to its original order -0.81
Base64 string to UIImage 0.00
What Return Value is expected in this Swift function? 0.00
Have to press same button twice to call function Swift 4 +0.21
"Value of optional type Self? not unwrapped" inside faila... +1.04
Swift 4: 'init' is deprecated. CountableRange is now Range 0.00
How to make textField validation code more compact and readable? 0.00
How can I display the date in Swift 4 without including the year? 0.00
NSKeyedUnarchiver.unarchivedObject returning nil for dictionary 0.00
How to create Vertical Progress Bar - IOS - Swift 0.00
NSDate Not Equal After Conversion To and From NSString +0.68
How to change a specific value range when multiple keys are present? 0.00
Creating Data Tables for Machine Learning in Swift using CreateML 0.00
Tell the Source of a Print Output in Xcode 0.00
Modern way to deal with deprecations on iOS/macOS 0.00
Can I create a CKRecordZone on the fly in the production environmen... 0.00
Updating the background colour of UITableView section header 0.00
Querying shared records in a ckzone in the private database returns... +0.63
Show metadata of file with URL 0.00
Swift UITableView (no sections) filter to table view with sections +0.20
Synchronise data between macOS and iOS Apps 0.00
Question mark displayed on UIPickerView instead of Realm data on Xc... 0.00
When is the transaction state set to restored in the updatedTransac... 0.00
Parsing data from a collectionview Cell to a new viewController usi... 0.00
Why does the NSAttributedString format the whole of my string? 0.00
Replacement for subscriberCellularProviderDidUpdate 0.00
swift UIImagePickerController and extracting EXIF data from existin... -0.30
Cannot convert value of type '() -> Data?' to expected a... 0.00
Extension struct imported from C -3.19
IOS/Objective-C: Syntax for calling completion bloc -2.53
How to use self in lazy initialization in Swift 0.00
Create an array object from string array 0.00
Simple validate condition based on 3 values -2.64
How is the editButtonItem object instantiated? -3.33
Determine if a string only contains invisible characters in Swift -3.06
NSmutablestring with 2 line breaks crash the program 0.00
Put structs in an array -0.81
Value of optional type 'Date?' not unwrapped; did you mean... -0.31
Set image just one time on NavigationBar Swift 0.00
How can I call a function with a dictionary? +0.36
Attempting to send data from a UIPicker to Firebase Database 0.00
Remove non numeric characters from string having multiple float val... +1.27
Binary operator '|=' cannot be applied to two 'UIAccess... +0.63
Date from Calendar.dateComponents returning nil in Swift +2.21
Type 'NSNotification.Name' has no member 'UITextField&#... +0.19