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1729.50 (63rd)
249,893 (160th)
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Title Δ
How to work with/reference keys in a dictionary with custom type in... 0.00
Is there a way for the textfield to only accept Alphabets and white... 0.00
Swift: How to replace uppercase symbols in array 0.00
I can't delete my last table view cell in Swift 0.00
How to find and replace all *=* with * = * 0.00
UISlider subclass does not move beyond 0 - 1 range 0.00
How to keep strikethrough when adding a new one in a textview? The... 0.00
Objective C: Custom spinning animator class in form of a propeller 0.00
When is CellForRowAt called? -- Queued up until VC is on top? 0.00
Finding words within an Array 0.00
Extract link from href in Swift 0.00
How to set a integer value as the title of navigation bar? 0.00
Update Button Title 0.00
How to make generated text in a todo list come out colored 0.00
Error: Value of type 'CGRect' has no member 'center' 0.00
Override Decodable for a Particular Type 0.00
Is there a Swift built-in for a default dict, similar to Array(repe... 0.00
Validity time of the URL from an NSItemProvider 0.00
Is there an option to specify sequential for NSEnumerationOptions? 0.00
Convert UIImage into Base64 String with less than 100 Characters. S... 0.00
How to make slider current position when it stopped 0.00
Frame by frame animation that stops in between looping through images 0.00
Expected '}' in \u{...} escape sequence 0.00
How do I prevent an input from being saved if certain conditions ar... 0.00
Set didSet for outlet collection 0.00
Select tableview cell to show and hide an UIView 0.00
Can I use one view controller to handle multiple views in a tab bar... 0.00
URL Object is nil after creating it with let constant string url 0.00
URLSession dataTask - error checking - Cannot assign through '!... 0.00
init with delegate: Type of expression is ambiguous without more co... 0.00
How can I translate the following code from Swift 2 to Swift 5? 0.00
NSAttributedString and emoji: the range I never set seems to be set 0.00
Expected a type error when trying to create a class method with par... 0.00
how to call MKTileOverlay "url" function from subclass? g... 0.00
If UITextField is blank UIAlert does not appear 0.00
Copy array of NSManagedObject objects in Swift 4 0.00
Adding UIButton to UIView Results in White Text 0.00
Multiple UITapGestureRecognizer not working on UIScrollView 0.00
PHAssetResourceManager's requestData Returning multiple objects 0.00
Swift - Sort different arrays accordingly to date array 0.00
Key not found, struggling to parse nested JSON in Swift 4 0.00
Adding TapGesture to ImageViews in paging ScrollView 0.00
How to read a block of data from file (instead of a whole file) in... 0.00
UITableViewCell frame margins in Swift 0.00
How to split indexPath array into seperate array of indexPath, each... 0.00
'UICollectionView must be initialized with a non-nil layout par... 0.00
How do I get a different UIImage Array every time I click a button? 0.00
Swift/Cocoa: launchApplication(at:options:configuration:) and catch... 0.00
Accessing a method with multiple paramaters in a Swift extension 0.00
If Statement, having a condition meet on specific numbers while var... 0.00