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1728.41 (65th)
259,544 (161st)
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Title Δ
IOS/AppStore How to Submit New Release of Existing App For Review 0.00
I am trying to run a function when ubiquitousItemDownloadingStatusK... 0.00
Correct use of background fetch completion handler 0.00
How to fix 'Missing argument for parameter 'completion'... 0.00
Swift: Get max value for key in array of dictionaries 0.00
Adding characters automatically to searchBar textField while user i... 0.00
Can overrideUserInterfaceStyle override system alerts / action shee... 0.00
Convert degree to iOS degree system 0.00
Assign Function to other class variable 0.00
How can I "conditionally" join text from 2 or more textFi... 0.00
Update calendar 'start of week' from phones system calendar 0.00
How to update a UINavigationItem based on UITableViewCell taps? 0.00
Having trouble integrating multiple pickerviews in the same view 0.00
How to share UIImage to Camera Roll using UIActivityViewController 0.00
View controller responds to app delegate notifications in iOS 12 bu... 0.00
Index out of Range error when creating sections in TableView -0.29
Xcode 11 - Opt out of UISceneDelegate/SwiftUI on iOS 13 -1.17
The view shifts after the keyboard is finished loading, how to I ge... 0.00
How to convert timezone format in iOS? 0.00
Why is manually setup root view controller showing black screen? 0.00
UISegmentedControl iOS 13 clear color 0.00
Add leading Zeros to a number that will be printed in a string alon... 0.00
Using a Swift extension method in Objective-C 0.00
Xcode Debugging - How do you tell what the next method call is? 0.00
How to reuse system icons in TabBarController? 0.00
How to remove Launch screen from project in iOS? +0.20
Get indexPath from cell after Stepper changed +0.21
How can I make function code cleaner and optimize? 0.00
Fallback behavior for new iOS 13 system colors in iOS 12 0.00
How do you parse recursive JSON in Swift? -0.29
how to properly extract the array of numbers from an image in swift? -2.33
How to find indices of elements in 2D array - Swift +0.92
Get label text from tapped cell with UITapGestureRecognizer 0.00
Calculate Value of dates selected from two UIDatePickers Swift 4 0.00
Having trouble trying to subtract a number from a date/time and set... +0.85
Calculate the data received inside the recursive function +0.20
Extension for CGColor with Error 'init(red:green:blue:alpha) is... 0.00
How to lock application's orientation to portrait for iPhone *o... +0.19
Swift Codable: decode dictionary with unknown keys 0.00
Property encapsulation with property observer - Swift 0.00
Layout Anchor and NSLayoutConstraint are not working? 0.00
iOS 13 - How to check if user has accepted Bluetooth permission? 0.00
Swift Date Components .day is being ignored 0.00
Reading jpeg from file fails with "no such file" but file... 0.00
How do you turn a string into a unicode family in Swift? 0.00
WKWebView is empty if I implement decidePolicyFor navigationAction,... 0.00
how to use iOS 13 darkmode for wkwebview +0.94
How can I expand a Dict(string, array) in Swift 5 -0.95
What is the default background color of UITableViewCell in iOS 13? 0.00
Remove the word optional when assigning two variable values to label 0.00