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Polar Bear

1376.58 (4,409,267th)
598 (233,684th)
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Title Δ
How can I avoid this use of "eval" in Perl? 0.00
How can I avoid this use of "eval" in Perl? 0.00
Perl regex interval to match strings that correspond to hexadecimal... 0.00
How to execute loop # of times based on user console input in Perl? 0.00
How to use Perl's format function? 0.00
Formatting a hash content to generate a report 0.00
Search for and move references to inline occurrence 0.00
Parsing file in Perl and store the data in Hash 0.00
Perl - Uninitialised variable warning 0.00
Why does this Regex match only show the first word in the capture v... 0.00
save hash in csv file under particular header 0.00
How to regex match comma separated values in any order? 0.00
Perl: Add hash as sub hash to simple hash 0.00
How do i fix regex matching few unexpected characters? 0.00
redundant transaction ids, while matching various patterns in perl 0.00
How to store data from hash in file and use it for another hash 0.00
Remove multiple lines between pattern 0.00
regex match does not produce the output in perl 0.00
Printing out array of hash in perl 0.00
How to search a file for the last block of consecutive lines that c... +1.03
Perl Regex Match Occurrence of Single Colon -0.40
Perl Automating Hash Population and Key Name -0.71
Perl newbie first experience with Unicode (in filename, -e operator... +3.41
How to mask credit card number except the last four digits using Re... 0.00
How to identify a date for the row of each days? -1.01
Is split what I want to use here or pop? -0.78
Create individual files by matching records in one array with a uni... -1.31
Issue using hash in perl -0.68
Append text in the end of line if search pattern is found -0.63
Dynamically Change the Key Value based on Delimiter in Perl -0.80
Copy and retain previous output for backup of transformed json data 0.00
Compare 2 CSV Huge CSV Files and print the differences to another c... +0.67
Perl: match against a large array -0.58
is there mouseClicked or keyPressed in perl? -0.32
How to substitute and replace number with letter in specific column -0.40
Perl hash while loop cannot find the key value -0.35
Perl grep through large file to match a string -1.01
Checking if a file exists in the same directory with dynamic name b... -0.47
Extracting info from file rows into columns using whatever it works... +0.53
Perl "do" with a hashed file to convert back to variables... +0.21
Is there a way to block invalid command line parameters +1.30
Perl Use of uninitialized value in regexp compilation at warning +1.04
Perl divide hash into equal parts based on count and send for Paral... -1.06
Delete line break at end of text; running a perl script inside of A... -0.15
perl code to read external file to a certain point, then read from... 0.00
having “Missing argument in printf at …” in perl? 0.00
Perl query for shortest algorithm -1.00
Read file into two hashes with Perl 0.00
Regex works in python simulator but not in perl -0.66
proper formatting of initialization vectors in perl using AES CBC -0.60