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Polar Bear

1367.27 (4,536,286th)
598 (236,624th)
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Title Δ
Can I use regex to specify index of an array that I want to compare... -0.58
Searching a file name using regex and glob variable -0.66
Shuffle the rows of specific columns of table in Perl -0.44
How to check permission to directory and make new one -0.95
search and replace some portion of text in a file using perl -0.98
How can I operate on a list which is identified by a string? -0.05
Perl command to change file EOL and saving the file with the same n... +3.42
Using FIND & EXEC to execute a filename-required Perl script ov... +0.25
Perl: parsing text output into array of hashes -0.71
Perl Script to determine how many logins were still on the system a... +0.37
Perl converting formatting date to y-m-d H:M -0.07
sub that returns a matched regex group -0.70
Having difficulty understanding how to properly convert Perl match... -1.01
Can someone explain why my server/client don't work in a way th... -0.59
Extract preceding and trailing characters to a matched string from... -0.13
How to verify if a variable value contains a character and ends wit... -0.23
Printing multiple hash value 0.00
How to print out different values from same key? +0.66
How do I extract the domain from a URL in Perl? -0.58
How to resolve this warning in Perl -0.46
Convert XML like format to CSV in Perl +0.51
Multidimensional array or hashes in Perl. Access items 0.00
Decoding result with Mojo::UserAgent for regex match 0.00
How to correctly display messages in console? +0.48
How to write to an existing file in Perl? -0.34
Perl : Can anyone tell me how to resolve this warnings -0.43
Perl writing from socket to a file +3.21
Perl: regex to cut the words enclosed in parenthesis -0.34
Updating a value in a Hash of an array or hashes +1.38
How to create a numeric ruler and evenly spaced numeric width markers +1.45
perl sort substrings using array to determine collating sequence -0.72
Unable to create file inside directory in runtime -0.55
Parsing an address: T-SQL code to mimic these 8 lines of Perl? +0.40
Why is the perl hash overwriting previous data? 0.00
Perl - Extract string from text block +0.16
How do I grep/awk multiple lines from a cluster based on a pattern? -0.76
Reading a line from a file using perl -0.90
Perl Regex, Sorting groups with multiple matches into respective ar... +1.44
How to cut the second column of a string in an array using Perl -0.23
Find and replace a variable in multiple HTML files +0.61
How to go one up folder level using perl? -0.81
How to copy the first column from file A to file b? 0.00
Iterate through a file multiple times, each time finding a regex an... -0.89
Need to fetch all strings in a file matching a pattern (Perl) 0.00
Perl script - search for name inside a text file -0.39
Using grep and map to find file names with the .png extension, but... +0.13
GREP: Excluding file names with specific pattern while including sp... -0.07
Unable to Write into file within WHILE Loop in Perl -0.95
Get a record based on Updated time and Severity -0.42
perl LWP::UserAgent gives a cryptic error message -0.57