An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1523.40 (26,086th)
26,282 (4,850th)
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Title Δ
Extract column values from a list in a list -1.46
Variable inside a regular expression? +0.44
Python code to to extract contents between multiple "start&quo... -0.52
How to remove text from the beginning of a string based on condition? +0.46
php regex - how to get all two digits -0.99
Don't modify string if a character appeared previously -0.45
How can I remove numbers, and words with length below 2, from a sen... -1.17
parse string with regex in php -1.78
How to iterate over list of sets and converting it to a dictionary... +0.47
Python Regex matching +1.78
Generate and format receipt style of text from Python Dictionary 0.00
Replace a python string using format function -0.53
trying to make dictionary using re.verbose 0.00
Replacing/Removing paranthetical comments in a TEXT FILE using python +0.15
With regular expression, transform separated words into a reference -0.74
String split into List of Lists - Page,Line,Word -0.29
How to split lists that have multiple items within a dimension? 0.00
Searching numbers in line with different lengths -0.54
How to specify where I want the output to go? 0.00
Struggling at creating correct regex +0.47
Regex: expression to match 'name1: A=a name2:B=b name3:C=c d' +0.93
Python - I want to split a string into a list of string, by whitesp... 0.00
PHP regular expression, match the last occurence +0.37
remove from end of the string and add new char to he beginning? 0.00
Regular expression to get only tag element in css styling string +0.39
Looping through nested Dictionaries in Python +0.46
How to parse this XML and search for particular key value -2.27
In Notepad++, How to identify specific line and replace content whi... 0.00
Removing duplicate keys from list of dictionary, keep only that key... +0.47
Regex for getting multiple words after a delimiter +1.06
Regex match a string and its surrounding 2 characters +0.23
Enumerate with letters instead of numbers -1.18
Python - Turning text links to html 0.00
javascript - split string by custom separator and custom level -1.64
only keep digits after ":" in regular expression in python -0.16
Parse only selected records from empty-line separated file -0.27
Regular Expression: Find and replace -0.45
Write a function to remove rows that contain specific strings -0.17
Extracting words inside bracket using regex in python +1.70
How to get a string in cookie string using from response... +2.75
How to take out a word from a list which is separated by ":&qu... +0.44
Separate only at first instance with multiple delimiters using regex -1.52
Regex Expression to remove some whitespace with a look ahead and be... +2.68
first name and title without parenthesis in a single regex +0.48
Python - Replace() for a list of keywords +1.60
Checking multiple types in Python to throw exceptions +0.47
Using AND in Regex Python -1.26
how to append list through other python script? -0.55
Check whether value becomes 1 and remains 1 -0.54
In Python, I can't get all the return values but the last, what... -0.03