An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1515.82 (41,128th)
26,282 (4,844th)
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Title Δ
How to parse this XML and search for particular key value 0.00
In Notepad++, How to identify specific line and replace content whi... 0.00
Removing duplicate keys from list of dictionary, keep only that key... 0.00
Regex for getting multiple words after a delimiter 0.00
Regex match a string and its surrounding 2 characters 0.00
Enumerate with letters instead of numbers 0.00
Python - Turning text links to html 0.00
javascript - split string by custom separator and custom level 0.00
only keep digits after ":" in regular expression in python 0.00
Parse only selected records from empty-line separated file 0.00
Regular Expression: Find and replace 0.00
Write a function to remove rows that contain specific strings 0.00
Extracting words inside bracket using regex in python 0.00
How to get a string in cookie string using from response... 0.00
How to take out a word from a list which is separated by ":&qu... 0.00
Separate only at first instance with multiple delimiters using regex 0.00
Regex Expression to remove some whitespace with a look ahead and be... 0.00
first name and title without parenthesis in a single regex 0.00
Python - Replace() for a list of keywords 0.00
Checking multiple types in Python to throw exceptions 0.00
Using AND in Regex Python 0.00
how to append list through other python script? 0.00
Check whether value becomes 1 and remains 1 0.00
In Python, I can't get all the return values but the last, what... 0.00
How to convert elements of `str.split()` in Python? 0.00
Convert" -" used for empty columns in a dataframe to 0 wi... 0.00
How to look inside the string from previous regex result 0.00
How do I check the user has entered two or more words in a single s... 0.00
How can I find smallest and largest number with inputs not using mi... 0.00
if __name__ == __main__ not working after compilation 0.00
PHP XML Parsing to extract specific value 0.00
Insert values in dictionary using regex which includes key in the p... 0.00
reading .txt file in python 0.00
Getting url of the following a pattern 0.00
How to retrieve last two pieces of data in a string? 0.00
How to group and add dictionary key within a list of dictionaries 0.00
Revalue strings in a column using regular expression in Python 0.00
Python: How to split a dictionary value in float number 0.00
Extracting text between 2 Patterns 0.00
Python3 - Parse list of strings inside nested json 0.00
Grouping speaker dialogue in a written transcript 0.00
how to code in python with the following logic for the roman numera... 0.00
Converting dictionaries in a nested dictionary 0.00
Single regular expression for extracting different values 0.00
Python: filter objects in a list which has unique id values 0.00
Create regex pattern to exclude a string 0.00
sort first value (latest date time entry) in tuple in dictionary 0.00
Get multiline substring using regexp 0.00
Regex: Excluding certain characters unless it is between quotes 0.00
Extract matching addresses using Google Sheets Re2 regular expressi... 0.00