An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1497.69 (3,937,016th)
46 (1,093,902nd)
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Title Δ
Is the use of a volatile dictionary a good option when high speed n... 0.00
How to search any order of a phrase and any word of it from text in... 0.00
Convert ByteArray of Office document to ByteArray of PDF in C# 0.00
Free up memory once Thread finished its task -1.19
C# Binary Tree 2D Packing Algorithm Rotation -0.50
Converting if into ternary operator in C# -0.35
Converting bitmap to base 64 string format using CryptoStream -0.50
Unity Quaternion.LookRotation meaning +2.31
Excluding certain ProtoMembers during the Schema generation using p... -0.94
How to execute a number of tasks in parallel, and return ASAP when... +2.13
How to avoid garbage collation problems when dealing with large in... 0.00
Is it possible to kill (not cancel) a backgroundWorker in c#? 0.00 Connector using reflection C# 0.00
Wait exactly one second with Math.Pow -0.23
How can I prevent the backgroundWorker causing the UI to become slu... +1.76
How can I use ILogger abstractions in a .NET Library with a singlet... 0.00
How can I supply a type in a generic method to use for casting? 0.00
.NET application into 64-Bit: ODBC problem 0.00
C#: assign array with params argument 0.00
LINQ Convert List of items to Lookup of rows with redundant values 0.00
C# Find a Method by Name and run it (IEnumerator method) 0.00
order Mesh vertices for whatever mesh's form (concave/convex )? 0.00
Windows forms textbox font color change for a limited time +0.93
Can we use Entity Framework for working objects saving? 0.00
Find Gaps Between date ranges -0.10
Starting delayed Tasks 0.00
is it possible to create an invisible xaml command always set to tr... 0.00
Delete the memory of a Double data type variable +0.02
Adding asynchronous concurrency to replace foreach loop C# 0.00
Truly parallel processing 0.00
Most efficient way to compare two generic lists based on id element... 0.00
Find Minimum and Maximum - latitude and Longitude for search 0.00
How to summarize a list of point-clouds 0.00
C# return 2d array index from function -0.92
Best way to pass multiple keys and values together in a function? +0.02
Doubly-linked list serialization and deserialization on C#. How to... 0.00
How does the heap and stack work for instances and members of struc... 0.00
Dependency injection with runtime parameters in the constructor -0.01
Can I do concurrent cobyla optimizations using Accord.Net? 0.00
Why isn't the property conditional working? 0.00
Returning IQueryable from Web API methods using SQL Server Imperson... 0.00
Do embedded locks add any value against race conditions? -0.53
Program slowed down due to number of tasks 0.00
Use a single dictionary object instead of multiple method parameter... 0.00
GC.GetGeneration() returns always 0 for int variable even after cal... 0.00
Cluster Comparing in 2d lidar scans 0.00
How to I calculate clock-angle on x-y axis using C#? +1.72
Multithreading lock statement for value storing classes 0.00
Is my way of using MongoDB C# driver FindAsync flawed? +1.56
How to insert node in all intersecting quads in QuadTree? 0.00