An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1504.67 (143,614th)
1,095 (142,232nd)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to initialize member variable (or base class) of a n... 0.00
Automatically registering class members to the containing object in... 0.00
begin() vs rbegin() how they are implemented? 0.00
Best practices for using `std::error_code` 0.00
Can lambdas be used as non-type template parameter? -1.14
Creating template types without new/delete -0.94
Functors in C++ to prevent duplication? +2.21
Clang vs G++ lvalue to rvalue conversion 0.00
Question about Introspection / static_assert (C++17) 0.00
Why does this wrapping allocator's constructor take in the wron... -0.81
Overload Resolution differs between compilers 0.00
Is it possible to define both const and regular version of the func... 0.00
Why can't a std::vector hold constant objects? +0.03
Template : class specialization -1.69
How best to test and unwrap std::optional in an if statement -0.75
Unpacking tuples variadic template arguments 0.00
Any Drawback of using new[1] instead of basic new everytime we need... 0.00
A compile time way to determine the least expensive argument type +1.26
Constexpr constructible function object +2.53
Proper design for C++ class wrapping multiple possible types +1.84
Construct many nested class members -1.79
How to get object type of pointer to non-static data member at comp... -1.27
Why is static_cast used in QT's official document +0.16
In the case of using a std::unique_ptr to automatically deallocate... +0.50
c++ the difference between string using the assign function and dir... 0.00
Is it possible to check if a object is equal to a template class wi... -1.24
C struct with a pointer to be wrapped in a unique_ptr +0.41
Is this a bad way to implement a graph? -0.10
I have a vector that has pointers to elements from 2 subtypes acces... -0.95
Checking position of newly added unique_ptr to priority_queue -0.74
Identical bases conflict in multiple empty member optimization -1.30
Issues with template class conversion - unable to deduce function c... -0.76
CRTP Singleton Incomplete type or Non-literal type -0.30
How do I make my sizeof sum struct work with an empty parameter pack -2.09
Why does std::reduce need commutativity? -1.20
How to upcast this object without splicing, based on a condition? +0.28
Using hash directly in methods from unordered_map instead of the us... 0.00
Is it possible to prevent omission of aggregate initialization memb... +0.88
Why std::map does not have a FindOrNull method -2.07
Generating pairs of types inside a tuple 0.00
How to compare generic structs in C++? +1.01
Iterative DFS -- where to mark a node as visited? 0.00
Can we return false when the return type is declared as a ListNode&... 0.00
how do i implement methods for a template class that can be either... +0.85
Is this way acceptable for adding a unique_ptr to a vector? +0.46
Member variable vs. function concept checking 0.00
How to avoid code duplication when iterating over either a vector&l... -0.79
In c++, how to return multiple objects and nevertheless benefit fro... -1.83
Concept or trait for functor with specific arguments? -1.63
Detecting a member function in a class which uses CRTP +2.26