An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1493.22 (4,214,322nd)
59,856 (1,550th)
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Title Δ
Why is there no main() in bitcoin source? 0.00
attr_reader, attr_accessor feature not working as expected 0.00
rspec: how can I continue test after first failure +0.18
Generating unique token on the fly with Rails +1.14
What is created by -1.80
How to write rspec testing without database in ruby for this ruby c... -2.08
Dynamically generating rail validation methods 0.00
Refactoring preconditions and postconditions +1.04
How to create a subclass of Thread in Ruby? 0.00
CoffeeScript and jQuery plugin authoring 0.00
Can't cancel javascript function execution with button using Rails... 0.00
How to remove mysterious whitespace from line breaks in Ruby on Rai... +0.68
How to custom sort with ruby -0.81
Cassandra on embedded systems without hard disks 0.00
Why are js files in my rails asset pipeline not being compiled? -0.49
Search engine too slow 0.00
Rackspace cloud files client side uploads +0.01
Are Heroku URLs dependable? -0.48
Prevent Rails 3.2.11 asset pipeline from caching? -0.26
In Chef, why are raised exceptions not rescued? +0.51
How can I add a line to a proprietary ruby gem so it will work corr... -0.09
ROR : can you configure an exception handler on a per controller ba... +0.11
Why is the Asset Pipeline re-compiling compiled assets, creating re... 0.00
Include Coffescript generated javascript? +1.94 404es on Heroku on every port I tried +0.37
Distributed checksum generation +0.51
Heroku SSL DNS Settings 0.00
Why does Ruby use yield? +2.58
users_path(user) returns / instead of /users/id when using... 0.00
Should Postgres timezone be changed from UTC? 0.00
How to store private key on Heroku? -0.24
Ruby: 'new' without a class +1.82
Are ruby structs stack allocated? 0.00
How do you make a chef resource optional? -0.47
Rails Load Class Changes without restarting the server +2.50
How to remove "=>" from json output in Ruby on Rails 3? 0.00
Chef Deployment with irrelevant default symlinks +0.52
Rails asset pipeline - image_path helper only working in development -0.49
What is considered a good spec? Rspec examples for beginners -0.49
Single Table Inheritance with a legacy schema and composite keys 0.00
What Precautions to take when dealing with production data? 0.00
Instance variable becomes undefined - CoffeeScript -1.79
Rails 3 serve assets in production -0.49
DelayedJob email where to have 'who to email' logic 0.00
Regex to capture a stored procedure definition -1.86
Ruby `ensure` is not running -0.72
Chef templates and how to do a for loop in ruby +2.33
How do conditionally add or remove members from Rails 3.2 Arel meth... +0.52
How to view what version of gem is installed on heroku through bund... 0.00
rails update_attributes returns false when trying to update db values 0.00