An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ken Egozi

1508.96 (78,480th)
1,735 (95,458th)
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Title Δ
Private web.config for each developer +3.82
requiresQuestionAndAnswer set to false in web.config but RequiresQu... +3.97
How do I get the name of the input blob of my Azure WebJob? 0.00
Castle MonoRail async action 0.00
How can Nullable<T> use it's underlying value type extension... -3.42
framework for communicating between apache web page and mono applic... 0.00
mysql duplicate entry with different values -2.38
How to workaround MongoDB's current limitation of just one geospati... 0.00
jQuery $.get() Array Returns [object Object] -2.43
Encoding parameters for a URL -4.33
jquery submit on change with a twist +3.29
Protect against script injection using markdown +3.97
Controller not found issue when rewriting url with exclamation mark 0.00
Tool/trick to replace tabs in all files of an entire VS solution -1.66
Jquery Custom Validate Plugin AddMethod on Dynamic Forms -4.37
Jeditable Problem in castle monorail +3.90
How can I remove all of numbers after the dot? -3.07
Bind a key (for page transition with backspace) only if the key is... +3.75
Can I load controllers in Monorail using MEF? +4.25
MonoRail File Upload 0.00
jQuery validate set focus on error doesn't work on FormHelper eleme... 0.00
ValidateRegExp client-side vs server-side issue +4.04
Difference between Request.QueryString["id"] and Request[... +2.71
How to configure IIS 7.5 for extensionless url's on castlerock mono... 0.00
Is it possible to use System.Web.Routing in Castle Monorail? 0.00
Castle Monorail in Asp.NET web site? -4.08
CastleProject Monorail 2.0 compatible with .NET 2.0? 0.00
Render ViewComponent from another component codebehind 0.00
Template in monorail ViewComponent +3.82
jeditable accidentally triggering on Draggable on nested items -1.76
How do you get the User's IP Address in Castle MVC (Monorail)? +4.08
"Does not implement IControllerFactory.CreateController"... -1.86
Entire monorail action invocation in tests 0.00
There shouldn’t be any space between these two block elements +0.04
compiling the web app in monodevelop 0.00
C#: manage Multiple App.config files +3.80
Any .NET ecommerce packages using MVC and Linq? 0.00
Understanding controllers in MVC +3.01
ASP.NET: resize (height and width) an image uploaded to server -4.02
Get the first few words(100 or 200) from a long summary(plain strin... +4.14
Changing background image on succesive Ajax requests causes multipl... -0.04
Using Array class in parent and child windows (javascript question) -3.08
Image resize with GDI in .NET gives low saturation -1.35
Mapping Castle MonoRail default requests to a controller action 0.00
Binding Monorail RadioFields to GenericLists 0.00
IE script error with my jQuery plugin -0.81
Get HttpContext from JQuery AJAX GET -4.21
jquery 'change' event is not working in IE -3.92
jQuery validation plugin: How to call a function when a field is va... +3.98
HTML-encoding in JavaScript/jQuery -3.31