An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1464.26 (4,181,562nd)
1,996 (83,421st)
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Title Δ
How can I program a kind of escape character myself in this regular... 0.00
Is there a way to include an object prototype method in a google ma... 0.00
How to close an adjacent drop down when opening another 0.00
Keeping a for loop variable after loop execution 0.00
Append() function working in chrome but NOT in firefox, Hierarchy e... 0.00 How to create a function that helps select different DO... 0.00
Event toggle listener 0.00
Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid destructuring assignment target 0.00
Calculator layout not staying stable with varying width 0.00
Html element not taking up its full width with absolute positioning... 0.00
How to write a plugin loader for a module written in typescript 0.00
console.log() displays the correct value, but when assigned it to a... 0.00
Can´t delete a row from a table with Typescript 0.00
forEach loop doesn't update an Object value 0.00
How do you position a graphical button on top of a resizable SVG ba... 0.00
Is there any method to fade in my button? 0.00
return true if the passed item is present in all the arrays inside... 0.00
Why does javascript handleEvent method have access to event with ev... 0.00
Unblur Image on Hover with CSS -3.62
Apply a function to the string as part of logging Formatter 0.00
Is it possible to calculate dots per degree of visual angle without... 0.00
Return Table from Google Sheets in Google Sites Using Options from... -3.67
How to apply css to the property of the tag? 0.00
How to change the text color? +4.34
Js catch if variable was changed by js 0.00
Add seconds to sematic ui calendar 0.00
.resize() function for textarea +4.49
Grabs addresses from table and displays markers on map using Google... +4.85
Responsive table by columns -0.85
CSS - Vertically align image inside div 0.00
Adequate CSS selector 1 nested element up +4.32
Animated menu fades in and drops to position 0.00
Using counter index to set .hover() and .mouseout() events -2.08
Align all contents inside a div (images, shortcodes, text) +0.50
Toggle div on div click horizontally +0.37
Center a DIV at bottom of page +1.87
Where can I find daily UK newspaper headlines online in a computer-... +4.50
How can I position two <divs> to always be side by side -3.55
I can't get a menu dropdown fade effect to work. (Beginner) -3.40
Why is this CSS code only working in Chrome? 0.00
calculate centered absolute div inside relative +4.71
Applying "this" to a child element +1.13
Simple Parallax scrolling at relative speeds -3.47
Code works in Firefox Scratchpad but not in code -3.40
Semi-transparent element with text which when scrolling, goes above... +0.51
CSS show element attribute value, not element content 0.00
HTML audio onplay function calling 0.00
Change other list items' CSS when hovering an item -1.60
un-reset css properties when I used css reset? 0.00
Why is the margin to the top of my page? +4.41