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1584.80 (2,591st)
22,983 (5,686th)
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Title Δ
Why is the calculation of 1000 factorial so fast in Lisp (and shows... +0.39
Common Lisp locally shadow function with same name +1.57
Pathname independent of operating system in Common Lisp +0.38
AutoLisp 2021 Too few arguments error on (apply (lambda +1.68
Destructuring of a vector +1.42
Changing byte-width midstream in Common LISP 0.00
What doc-type should I pass to get documentation of a class? -0.73
Assigning Spotify window to a group in StumpWM +0.39
Is there any way to parse from boolean to integer in Common Lisp? +0.39
Trouble defining a macro in Common Lisp/StumpWM 0.00
`member` returns `NIL` even though string exists in the list +1.69
How to convert a list of numbers to separated strings using Lisp? 0.00
Creating a lisp file that reads numbers from the keyboard until 0 i... 0.00
Correcting the regex "\[([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)]" +1.31
How to generate list indices with format directives -0.84
Filter output stream to only keep portion of text delimited by spec... -1.86
Circular dependency between functions in Common Lisp +1.36
assoc function in Common Lisp and 2 questions +2.12
Running Python functions in CLISP 0.00
clisp: unable to search from a list -0.27
Efficiently Following the Links in a Directed Graph (Common Lisp) +1.61
Why are lists faster then vectors for simple access? -1.49
How to use format's iteration ability on a list of conses 0.00
Can't set up qtools in common-lisp SBCL -2.52
read-byte ignores eof-error-p inside SBCL gray stream -1.43
Scheme to Clojure Function (subst) +1.39
How to generate a unique hash key from a vector of integers? -0.43
Common Lisp - How to funcall/apply a function with keyword arguments? 0.00
SIMPLE-READER-ERROR , illegal sharp macro character, Subcharacter #... 0.00
Get relative path in Common Lisp -1.59
How to format parameter as a function +1.49
Common LISP: Make Your Own Union Function -0.83
', (quote-comma) in common lisp +2.15
LISP: how to properly encode a slash ("/") with cl-json? 0.00
Is there a way to compile Lisp source files in Visual Studio Code? 0.00
Ocaml where and how to define a function that only returns a value -0.38
Why is the OCaml type conversion function named in the form "A... -1.99
Detect cycle in undirected graph in Ocaml -0.30
How to hidden (read) output in Common Lisp 0.00
OCaml optimization of unfold followed by fold -2.01
How to catch parse errors in Lucerne (common lisp) +1.53
lisp: chunking a vector +1.67
find the position of an atom in list -0.31
Access a struct-field if the struct is part of a list 0.00
Fold-add all items in List, using Prolog 0.00
How can I return a number in prolog? 0.00
Mapping two string lists (in a short way) in Lisp? +1.38
Idiomatic way to decode hex-formatted strings in Racket Scheme or o... +0.25
ocaml polymorphic variant type inferred type too general -1.31
best practice for leaving a git branch +0.39