An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1504.95 (142,352nd)
2,231 (75,429th)
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Title Δ
How do you use a class as a name space, when transpiling JavaScript... 0.00
How to use the Google Closure Compiler to browserify your Node.js l... 0.00
jsdoc - Documenting nested array parameters 0.00
how does sort method work when comparing many fields +2.03
Prevent user from removing object properties but allow adding new o... 0.00
Permute the words in all strings -1.75
What would be a good commit message for updating package versions u... 0.00
Using JQ to convert plain text block to JSON -0.81
How do I set an Electron variable at compile time? -0.02
How to create an efficient group by function without mutation? +0.38
List self nesting in Javascript +0.49
Update array at different indexes with the same value in one go -1.23
Accessing javascript variable in Puppeteer +0.49
Convert and filter array of objects to one object +0.83
Car lane assignment algorithm -0.90
Ramda, test two objects with multiple predicates for props equality +1.64
Extract nested properties from an array of objects +2.31
Variable reassignment with chained booleans or ternary operator -0.10
How to test a privately-scoped or anonymous function? 0.00
Transform an object into an array of single key/value objects +2.69
Clojure thread-first macro (->) vs thread-last macro (->>)... +0.51
How to merge two arrays in JavaScript loop +0.23
Disable a button if no checkboxes are clicked -1.69
Remove all matching elements from array -1.33
How to bypass a document.domain check? 0.00
Filter & sort array of objects then output only one property of... 0.00
What is the most concise way to use reduce() with the + operator? +0.88
When should there be a dot in JSDoc generics? +0.48
How to filter an array of objects and merge them into a single obje... -1.04
JS: writing a function that iterates through a list of strings and... +0.67
JSDoc: @type for nested function -0.01
How to detect if an app is run from the dmg file? 0.00
XSS via CSS selector 0.00
How to tell if a JavaScript operator is supported? -0.82
Evaluate expression tree in Javascript +0.07
How to implement memoization with "pure" Functional Progr... -1.29
JQ: replace an array element, based on subelement value -1.34
How to annotate an optional parameter using Google Closure Compiler? 0.00
Readability vs. maintainability: nested functions -1.65
How to format a JSON string as a "key=value" format using... 0.00
How can I combine multiple reducers in Ramda? +0.29
What does .join`` mean in JavaScript? +0.32
Grammar - How to match optional and required whitespaces before and... +0.18
AJV - Reference external schema without adding it first 0.00
Is there XSS risk when using a template literal with an untrusted s... -1.15
How to pad numbers with JQ? -1.61
Sort array on a nested property 0.00
How to access the value of an unknown key? 0.00
How to extract and process nested arrays? +1.79
How to capture trackers like cookies, pixels, etc., used on a remot... 0.00